FIFA 14 First Look

Of the four games that EA Sports are creating for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, FIFA 14 is no doubt going to be one of the biggest due to the fanbase of soccer worldwide. EA sports showed off the game for the first time at the Xbox Event today.

Using EA Sports’ new engine Ignite to build the game, along with others such as Madden, FIFA 14 was shown off with great confidence. Barcelona and Argentina player Lionel Messi was one of the famous players used to talk about their sports prior to the reveal and set the tone for the show.

There will be 3D crowds, dynamic sidelines and on Xbox Live only, there will be daily updates to the football game. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, one of the most exciting aspects of the FIFA games to date, will be only on the Xbox One console according to EA Sports’ Andrew Wilson.

More will be shown at E3.