Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog Gets a Twitter Account

In case you managed to fall asleep during the Microsoft Xbox One reveal event today (and come on, how could you? /sarcasm), you might have missed the appearance of who many are calling the star of the show: the infamous dog from Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Meant to be a teaser showing us what we can expect from Activision’s upcoming next-gen entry in the juggernaut FPS franchise, the dog was shown during the Ghosts preview at the event and sparked a lot of trending talk on both Facebook and Twitter.

He became so popular, in fact, that a Twitter handle for the military pooch was put up almost immediately, aptly named @CollarDuty.

It’s been only a matter of hours, and the dog already has over 8k followers on the popular social networking site.

See some of our favorite posts from the dog below:


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