Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Gets a Fresh Batch ‘Insider Information’

Once again Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been the subject of speculation thanks to a bunch of new rumors. This new ‘insider information’ has been circulating around the Internet thanks to Pokebeach, and contains more information on new Pokemon as well as new moves and details. We’ve gathered all this new information in one place for you to digest, so here’s the latest information on Pokemon X and Y.

1. Pancham evolves into Pangoro in the early Level 30s. In order to evolve Pancham into Pangoro, you need to have another dark-type Pokemon in your party (Pangoro is a Dark/Fighting type).

For those who haven’t heard, Pancham is one of the newest Pokemon to be announced for the series. The Panda-like creature, known as the ‘Naughty Pokemon’, has a new technique called ‘Parting Remark’. Not much is currently known about this, but you can surely expect more updates later.

2. A Pokemon named Inkay evolves into Malimar. To evolve it, you need to hold your 3DS upside-down when it levels up, and its type is Dark/Psychic.

I have to admit, the evolution part sounds a little weird. The 3DS has an accelerometer and gyroscope and will be able to detect when you turn it around, but having to turn it around to get a Pokemon to evolve? Nothing this weird has really happened in Pokemon before, so it does sound a little bogus to me. However, with the new announcements we’ve already seen for the latest generation and with the advances in technology it could be about time that everything was, for lack of a better saying, used and abused. Using the gyroscope would certainly give a little something extra to the game. So far Inkay and Malimar haven’t really been announced, and there is nothing more to go on other than the description we’ve had above, but the fans have already gone a little nuts over them.

3. A psychic-type Pokemon named Espurr evolves into Meowstick.

The first thing to notice here is that they sound like Psychic cats. Again nothing has been announced with these two, so everything you will currently hear is speculation. Espurr does sound like a pretty cool name though!

4. Like in B/W you have two rivals – one is friendly and the other is competitive. Your rival that is more friendly gives you his/her fully evolved starter after you beat the game.

This is a pretty standard format for the Pokemon games now: having two rivals gives you some friendly competition to improve as well as an overall rival to beat. As for giving you their starter Pokemon once you complete the game, this does nullify the point of breeding the starters and trading with your friends! Also personally I think I would prefer to have their starter FOR the end of the game, rather than after. That way it can be used for the Elite Four and the Champion. The only issue I could see some fans having with this is that they like to mould their team from the very beginning, shaping their stats and skills, so it could be irritating to some.

Original Starter Pokemon

5. Another professor named Sycamore gives you either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.

Awesome. Simply awesome. First the name does follow the past trend for Pokemon professors, with each being named after a tree (Oak, Juniper and Elm for example). And secondly I love being able to get the original starters. They may not be as strong as some other Pokemon now, but there’s always the nostalgia factor, taking you back to the very first time you had to make that all-important choice: which of the three Pokeballs to choose!

6. Even though it shows the player riding a Gogoat in the new trailer, players can’t ride on their own Pokemon. What was shown was just an alternate way of getting around Lumoise City and it only works with Gogoat.

I think we could have guessed that you wouldn’t be able to run around on your Doduo or Meowth to be honest, but it’s nice to have some clarification. Gogoat is another of the new Pokemon to be announced, so make sure you read our previous article to get all the details on it. The main part people were excited for was the ability to use it as a new mode of transportation, similar to the Bicycle.

7. HMs still exist, but there are a lot less of them.

Everyone remembers HMs – Surf, Flash, Waterfall, Cut, etc. It could occasionally get annoying if you didn’t have a Pokemon that could learn a specific HM, but you needed that move to get to the next area. It meant getting rid of something you wanted or potentially sticking a random Pokemon with a move you wouldn’t typically use in battle. And who could forget how annoying it is to get rid of a HM once you’ve learnt it? While the exact number of HMs haven’t been confirmed yet, it’s nice to entertain the possibility that there might be less of them.

8. Players will be able to see their Pokemons EVs.

For people really training their Pokemon through EV training methods, this could be a God send. There wasn’t really any way of checking the EV stats of your Pokemon before, unless you wanted to calculate them yourselves, so this will make things a lot easier. However for people who don’t really bother (like myself) it’s a bit of pretty useless information you won’t be needing. There are doubts as to whether this one will turn out to be true or as much of a fake rumor as predetermined names, so we’ll keep you updated with any announcements.

Pokemon Berries

9. A new move, Belch, is a Poison-type attack that has a base power of 120 but the user must consume a berry to use it.

There can never be too many uses for Berries in Pokemon, especially after all the time I spent randomly growing them and not really using them. It might also give another incentive to actually use Poison moves/Pokemon. However if it does work like this, your Pokemon can only have one berry at a time. Effectively this means you can only use the move once per battle, and despite the 120 base power it makes it a wasted move to learn! After talking with some die-hard Pokemon fan friends, there;s another way that this could work. The base power of 120 could be if you are holding a berry, and the base power without one could be halved. Also this berry could add other effects such as paralyzing the opponent or burning them, etc. Again none of this is confirmed and it’s all rumor and speculation at the moment.

10. Draining Kiss is a Fairy-type attack that heals the user for the same amount of damage performed. It has a base power of 60.

This particular rumor has two parts to discuss really. The first is the existence of a Fairy type Pokemon, or the fact that they’re adding Fairy type moves in the game. There is a great deal of speculation that adding this new type will unbalance the game. Everything has a weakness, so what would Fairy be weak to or good against? Moving on (since that conversation can take a very long time with the die-hard Pokemon fans) the move itself does sound pretty cool. Damaging AND healing yourself? I can only imagine that the Elite Four or Champion would spam it almost as much as they all spam Full Heals and Full Restores.

11. Also the Starters’ final evolutions are now as follows: Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting.

So with a whole new set of rumors circulating the Internet, which ones do you think will turn out to be true and which will be fake? As with all new rumors, until they are confirmed by Nintendo remember to take them with a pinch of salt!