4 Things To Consider When Deciding What Game To Buy

Sitting on a tight budget can sometimes dissuade you from purchasing a particular game. You begin to find reasons not to buy it: is it really that good? I could always get it later for a better price. It is the conflict of wanting to play it at release when everyone else does or to play it later because your wallet is hurting. Well here are four things that help me figure out what game to buy.

4. Longevity.

Essentially, what is there to do in the game? How long can I spend staring at beautifully stringed-together pixels on a screen before I put the controller down out of boredom? A question I ask myself whenever I find myself short of cash but yearning for a new gaming experience. I often judge a game by its content, knowing that a single player experience divided in linear “scenes” will not entice me to wring my wallet out for cash. Personally I prefer open-world, sandbox type games.

Far Cry 3 did it for me in this respect. I bought it and played the hell out of it, then all of a sudden I had 100% completion. I don’t often get 100% completion in a game, but there was just so much to do. Being the perfectionist gamer I am, I was completing tasks left and right over the course of however long it took me to do it: think binge drinking but in terms of playing Far Cry.

3. Interesting?

Is it actually interesting or just plain out boring? I’m a sucker for creative plots that go beyond the ordinary story line and have twists and turns that keep your mind figuring stuff out. For me, a game with somewhat deep lore and a main story that goes beyond just following the adventures of the protagonist (you) is what I deem “interesting”.

What game does this well you say? Borderlands! Both games so far kept me going due to the outlandish story line. Although I admit that at various points in the games I lost the plot and ended up doing boring side missions. Borderlands 1 & 2 keep it interesting by throwing all kinds of whacky characters at you. Not to mention they have this mega-loaded story line all ready for you to absorb.

2. Multiplayer/Co-op!

Before people go on and say “Ugh multiplayer is so tacked on all the time!” let me just interrupt you and say that I don’t mean just any multiplayer. I mean a good, substantial and well thought out multiplayer. Far Cry 3 was an amazing game in terms of single-player, but it lacked in almost every multiplayer department. Hell, the servers were dead in release week. Despite its ‘alright’ co-op, I found myself distancing myself from the multiplayer aspect of Far Cry 3.

Granted, in order for the multiplayer to be successful, there has to be a substantial player base. Games like Battlefield and Call of Duty have those huge player bases. Along with producing fun and (debatably) original gameplay, there is a ton of people to play with, for ages! A debatable exception to this is Assassin’s Creed 3’s multiplayer. It brought new mechanics and a new way to play against people online. It definitely brought out the stealth and assassin aspects of the game.

After all, multiplayer does contribute to the longevity of the game.

1. Rapport

Rapport is the established relationship between game and gamer. If a game is coming from the same origin as other great games, I’m probably more likely to buy it than if it came from a place where crappy games come from. Granted, there are exceptions to this. Every now and then a studio comes out with a masterpiece, such as Telltale Game’s “The Walking Dead”. Although not really my type of game, it was like $20 and turned out to be a thrilling time consumer, I was pleased.

With Naughty Dog’s Last of Us coming up in June, I can definitely say that I’ll throw my wallet at it. I simply trust the creators of a game like Unchartered to come up with something fantastic.

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