Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy Will Return in Batman: Arkham Origins

Update: It turns out Batman in Arkham Origns will be played by Roger Craig Smith. Meaning Kevin Conroy will play Batman in an unannounced Arkham game. Original story below.

Despite previous claims that the seasoned voice actor would be missing in action for the latest Batman game, Kevin Conroy has publicly confirmed he will reprise his role as Batman for Arkham Origins.

Answering a fan’s question at Dallas Comic-Con, Conroy said he’s been working “the next Arkham game” for the past “nine or ten months”. The reason why he hasn’t talked about his involvement with the new Arkham game is because of the Non-Disclosure Agreement that he and other actors usually sign. This is welcoming news for longtime Batman fans, as Conry is often referred to as the definitive voice of the Dark Knight; all praise stemming from his signature role in Batman: The Animated Series. And given how Rocksteady, who developed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and comic book writer Paul Dini, who wrote those games and many memorable Batman; TAS episodes, are not involved with Arkham Origins, hearing Conroy will return alleviate some doubts regarding the new game.

Originally, it was reported by NAG magazine that Conroy would be absent from Arkham Origins. The magazine stated WB Games Montreal wanted a new voice actor to portray the younger and inexperience Batman, but cited no names. Given Conroy’s recent statement, it’s safe to assume that either NAG made a serious error, or Conroy’s mature take on Batman will play a part in Arkham Origins.

Below is the full Q&A session from Dallas Comic-Con moderated by Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight.