Twitch’s Best Minecraft Streamers: Needles in the Haystack

In the recent flurry of Twitch news, I’ve been using the site (and app) to watch and listen to some Minecraft streamers while I play myself.  I figured today I would share some of the better ones I have found.  Some are well known, while others are lesser known or even relatively new.  Most of them, nowadays, play the Feed The Beast Ultimate modpack (which was detailed in an earlier article), and as such have many activities to keep watchers entertained.  It doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of personality too.

  1. Bacon_Donut minecraftThis man is one of the more entertaining and heartfelt streamers that I’ve seen.  He used to work a day job and found that it wasn’t for him, so he moved to full time streaming.  He streams six days a week (every day except Sundays) and relies on donations and Twitch ad revenue for his personal income.  He is relatively knowledgeable about Feed The Beast, and is creative to boot (he has built a mass auto-crafting system, as well as a mob farming conveyor system in recent streams).  Twitch Page
  2. AvidyaZen – When he decides to play, he is one of my absolute favorites to watch.  He streams with a team that consists of another of my favorites (CoestarTV).  The team plays hardcore, so upon the death of any of the players they start fresh.  Knowing this, the feats that they manage are all the more impressive: like heading into the Twilight Forest and attempting some of the harder encounters.  Avidya, Coestar
  3. Quetzi minecraftA British streamer that often streams midday US times, Q (as he is called) is one of the more skilled technical players I’ve ever seen.  He plays FTB Ultimate and has built some massive works with steam power, computer chip creation, and automation.  The development of a steam turbine tower power plant was a fun community effort that utilized the knowledge of several people in the stream chat, including yours truly.  Twitch Page
  4. IAmSp00n – This streamer is there for his community, first and foremost.  He is a helpful player: doing free item giveaways and supporting up-and-coming streamers by raiding (sending his viewers to them after a stream).  His knowledge of FTB is a little low, but his reliance on the community makes him fun to watch and chat with, since everyone is learning and teaching a little bit as the shows progress.  Twitch Page

There is another streamer that I enjoyed watching play Minecraft a while back, but who no longer plays.  TehMorag was an enjoyable streamer that I watched nightly.  He is currently deep in a year-long daily streaming challenge, and has stopped playing Minecraft in favor of some other games (most recently Tales of Symphonia).  Twitch Page