Robotic Boogaloo is Team Fortress 2’s First Entirely Community-Made Update

Valve has continually added updates to Team Fortress 2, its mega-popular classed based shooter, but never has one been done like this.  The most recent update, Robotic Boogaloo, is the first ever community-made update for Team Fortress 2.

Robotic Boogaloo was created entirely by fans through the use of the Steam Workshop.  This mechanical themed update adds 57 brand new items, which is the largest amount of community items released at once.  The items will only be found in RoboCrates, and RoboCrates will become rare drops after June 3rd.

Another interesting tidbit is that literally all of the things involved in this update – the content, the official website promoting the update, the video, the comic – were made by the community.

It also looks like the creators aren’t super interested in making a ton of money off of this.  “Plus, in a first for the Team Fortress economy, all the creators of the Robotic Boogaloo Update have decided to share the revenue earned from the sale of RoboCrate Keys,” Valve says on the official blog for Team Fortress 2.  “That means that everyone involved will be profiting from this update, not just the people making hats.”

This doesn’t mean that Valve is going to stop making their own in-house updates however.  Valve is still going to work on future Team Fortress 2 updates, and having both community-made and official Valve updates means that there’s going to be much more content for all the Team Fortress 2 lunatics out there.

Stuff like this is why Valve is always under people’s good graces.  It’s not only a good way to show appreciation towards the community, but it’s also a smart business move on Valve’s part.  Team Fortress 2 is continually getting new content and items, and Valve is losing practically no resources.  Amateur content creators are also getting a chance to showcase their handiwork to a wider audience, so it’s a win-win situation for all involved.