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Would You Rather: Gamer Edition (part 5)

My eyes are wonderful. Not just mine, though- eyes in general. They allow you to see, glare, shoot lasers (if you’re Cyclops or Superman), and take part in a myriad of other interesting activities. But in video games, your characters eyes (your own by proxy) can play host to other interesting abilities. Brace yourself- the question is coming.


Would you rather have Deadeye (Red Dead Redemption) or Eagle Vision (Assassin’s Creed series)?

Dead eye ac vs

One slows time; the other shows you what you’re looking for. Together, they would be an unstoppable force for good/evil. Sadly, I only get to choose one.

If you hadn’t heard, slow mo makes pretty much everything better. Whether you’re watching someone you dislike trip or setting up an elaborate plan to make someone you dislike trip, a few extra seconds to savor the visuals and ponder the experience can go a long way. Like moonshine? Chewing tobacco? Great! Thanks to the marvels of video game technology those things will actually increase your capacity to use your deadeye ability! Plus, thanks to the ability to target while you’re in deadeye, you could thread needles on the first try every time, even when you’re drunk on moonshine.

One of the main bummers about Deadeye is that it slows down literally everything- yourself included. Your mind goes at its normal speed, but your body is stuck in the same old time-molasses as everybody else. However the moment following it has you responding to whatever you set out to do in that long second of thought at lightning speed. Hopefully I’m not in a situation where I need to shoot people, but there are other possible applications I’m sure.

The ultimate tool for cupcake consumption

The ultimate tool for cupcake consumption

I lose things a lot. I do. I misplace my keys or my wallet or my phone or my friends and I often have a hell of a difficult time recovering them. If only there was some way that I could make just that one object of my desires stand out from all the clutter. That’s where Eagle vision could be great- I could have won the crap out of Deal or No Deal (if it was still on), always get the right cup in that “guess where the ball is” game, even know which flavor of ice cream is the best choice for me. It takes away the mystery, but in a way that ultimately benefits me more than it hinders. I could be the world’s greatest detective or thief (depending on which one was more lucrative)- always catching my perp or always getting the job done smoothly.

At the end of the day the question is one of day-to-day value. Which ability would I actually use more? While slowing things down and increasing my accuracy is nice, I can’t be constantly drinking/killing people to fill up my deadeye meter. Also, I’m plenty accurate as is. Eagle vision has unlimited use, and ties in a bunch of features involving environment interaction.  I can see exactly where the person I’m trying to find has walked, and where they’re going. As long as I wasn’t using the ability to stalk people, it would be a benign yet helpful power for day-to-day use.

Stalking people- psh. Who does that? Definitely not me. At all. Not even thinking about it.

I'm just doing what the secret floor words tell me.

I’m just doing what the secret floor words tell me.


Winner: Eagle Vision