TwitchTv Adds Free Games From Kabam launched a significant evolutions to its platform last week, attempting to give a boost to the already rising user-base of the service. The popular platform, known for its live and on-demand broadcasts of eSports events, commentary shows, and streaming of old and new games alike, recently added free games from developer/publisher Kabam.

Free Games on

Five Kabam titles are included in the “Play Games” feature as of now: Wartune, Dragons of Atlantis, DDTank 2, The Godfather: Five Families, and Shadowland. Conspicuously absent are Kabam’s other notable properties The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, Edgeworld, and Kingdoms of Camelot, but these may be added to the platform in the future.

Adding playable games to the platform opens a world of possibilities for future expansion, including new cross-promotional opportunities to build viewership for popular broadcasts. The new feature could serve to keep users on the platform longer, exposing them to more original content. The possibilities for hosting games that are already popular in live streams could introduce a new type of social integration to the platform, as well, but players and viewers will have to see how this new feature shapes up before other big-name publishers jump on board.

The Kabam app is embedded directly in the website and accessible through the main navigation, but users will still have to maintain a Kabam account and will have to deal directly with Kabam for any premium transactions.