Twitch App for Xbox 360 Review: All Your Favorites (If You’re Lucky)

Upon the announcement of the Twitch App for Xbox 360, I was pretty excited.  I had used the app on Android, and found it clunky and hard to use, so I was hoping for an upgrade given the superior capabilities of the Xbox.  To be able to watch my favorite streams in high quality on my television was something I had been trying to work around for a while. I started by using Servio, but now that the app is available, I could now watch my favorite streams.  Or so I thought.

The features of the Xbox Twitch app aren’t that much different from the Android app.  It lists popular channels and the games that are being streamed, even if there are only a few.  I was able to find a fairly little known (yet still partnered) streamer, but with a significant amount of effort.

The issue that I had with the Twitch app was that it didn’t allow searching, and not every stream could be accessed.  I realize that in their advertising, they mentioned being able to access “300 of your favorite channels”, but I didn’t expect to not be able to search for them by name.


The highest viewed channels are accessible from the top channels tab, but this leaves out many good, but low traffic channels.  If you know what game your favorite streamer is playing, then you can browse by top viewed games, which shows more streams, but it’s still inadequate for finding a streamer when you don’t necessarily know what they’re playing.

The quality of the app’s build and interface were good, and loading was much improved over the mobile app.  The stream quality on the Xbox was better than I feel I could have gotten on my PC.  It automatically adjusts based on your connection speed though (like Netflix), so if your internet speed is low, expect grainy and blurry qualities.

Overall, I feel the Twitch app is good for those who are fans of e-sports or popular streamers who play specific games, but Twitch streamers that play a variety of games and don’t have a large following are likely to be left out of the loop.

This app was reviewed after four hours of use.