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The 8 Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling History

The one thing that I love almost as much as video games is wrestling! I’ve been a fan ever since the early 80s when I was a little kid watching the WWF on TV. Now, it would be extremely difficult for me to list the best wrestlers in the world, so I won’t bother doing that… for now anyway. No, today we are going to talk about the Eight Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling History. Now before I get a bunch of angry comments, lets just agree that when I say wrestling I mean American wrestling. I’m sure there are great wrestling tag teams in Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Problem is, I’m not familiar with those countries’ Tag Teams so I’m sticking to the US tag teams. Another note to keep in mind is this list is not based on the skill level of the tag team nor is it about number of championship titles held by the tag team. This list is based on the impact each tag team had on the wrestling business and how memorable they are/were. So, without further ado, lets get to the list of The Eight Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling History!


#8 The Outsiders


 This has to be the single most controversial entry on this list, but hear me out for a second. When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appeared in WCW they set the wrestling world on fire. Their defection from WWF to WCW lead to the NWO and a reign of dominance by the WCW for 88 straight weeks. During this time The Outsiders dominated the tag scene, mostly due to political pull and not talent. Regardless of the reason they were on top of the tag team wrestling scene they helped usher in a new tag team resurgence in WCW with the likes of The Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, Vicious and Delicious, and the Boogie Knights getting much more screen time as a result. Simply because they put the tag team titles back into focus in WCW, they make the list.

#7 Edge and Christian

edge and christian

Edge debuted as a mysterious loner who became involved in a feud with Gangrel. This led to Gangrel bringing in Edge’s “brother” Christian. After Edge was convinced to join Gangrel, Edge and Christian began teaming up as The Brood. Looking like rejects from Interview with a Vampire, no one could guess that these two men would each wind up as multiple time world champions. Single titles aside, these two men helped invigorate the both the tag scene in the WWF and the WWF midcard. If not for the fact that I liked the Hardy Boys more, I could easily see this team and that switch spots on this list.

 #6 The Hardy Boyz

hardy boyz

Although they had singles careers worst than the previous entry, no one can deny the ability of these two as a tandem. Bringing a more high flying style to the WWF, they almost single(double)-handedly changed the WWF fans’ opinions of cruiserweights. Along with the previous entry, they helped shine a bright light on both the undercard and the tag divisions. Once touted as Generation Next, they were always winning tag gold or fighting to get it back.

#5 The Fabulous Freebirds


I may be cheating with this one as they were as much a trio as a tag team, but no one can deny the contribution to wrestling that the Freebirds brought. Holding the distinction as the only team on the list to have a wrestling “rule” named after them, the Fabulous Freebirds were one of the first, if not the first, wrestlers to come out to rock music. Having feuds with the likes of the Von Erichs and  The Road Warriors, the Freebirds constantly held their own and often times came out on top.

#4 The Dudley Boyz

dudley boyz

Originally comedic heels based off the Hansons of Slapshot infamy, the Dudley Boyz have become one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling history. Over the years they have beaten just about every team of note, including the number one team on this list! Devon and Bubba Ray were part of the tag team explosion in the WWF, the same one the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian helped usher in, and as such they have many high caliber matches under their belts. Big, tough, and just a little bit hardcore, the Dudley Boyz may not be great wrestlers but they sure as hell make a great team!

#3 The Rock and Roll Express


The Rock and Roll Express is still considered one of the best “sellers” around. Able to play the babyface in peril like no other team before or after, the Rock and Roll Express had some of the best matches of their era. Quick, agile, and able to do team moves that wowed crowds around the country, the Rock and Roll Express inspired many tag teams and are directly responsible for teams like the Rockers and Air Boom.

#2 The Midnight Express 


The Midnight Express has had many variations, but the one most remember and think of when they hear Midnight Express is Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton. Both men were great wrestlers on their own and just like when you add peanut butter to chocolate,they only get better when you combine the two. With wins over big names like Arn and Tully of the 4 Horsemen and The Original Midnight Express of Randy Rose and Dennis Condry, this Midnight Express is still considered the standard other teams hold themselves to.

#1 The Road Warriors

legion of doom

There is only one word that comes to mind when you hear the name Road Warriors: Dominance! These guys ran roughshod over every other team in the AWA, NWA, AJPW, WCW, and even the WWF! They were the first team to win every tag team championship in every major federation and remain the only team to win WWF, WCW, AWA, NWA, and AJWP gold. Simply put, they are not the most technical team, they are the most dominant. Doing things by their own rules, they were the first team of two big guys that refused to be beat. They are the inspiration for teams like Kronik, the Brothers of Destruction, The Powers of Pain, Demolition, and the A.P.A. They may be often imitated but are never duplicated. The Road Warriors are truly the best tag team of all time.