Livestream: Just Tactics with Indie Developer Hit the Sticks

While it’s great fun to showcase all sorts of snazzy and richly infused AAA-titles, oftentimes it can be more fun to bestow the wonder of the raw indie title to the world. Hit the Sticks‘ first game, Just Tactics is, well, a tactical, multiplayer-only title that’s as deep as it is underground. There’s a lot to like about Just Tactics and even more about its creator, Hit the Sticks. Ready to hit you with all sorts of knowledge on game development and what it took to make Just Tactics, Hit the Sticks will be present Friday evening to present their work of art as well as their knowledge. Don’t miss it!

Be here on Friday, May 17th at 7pm EST for Hit the Sticks showing off Just Tactics. If you have any questions about the game, what it took to make, it’s future and maybe even about indie development itself, there’s no reason not to make the show! Come support a true indie developer and, most likely, also witness their crushing power as they decimate Andrew.

Join us on this very page for some Just Tactics goodness or travel to our very humble Twitch Channel – whatever pleases you more. While you’re at it, you can try Just Tactics yourself right here and don’t be afraid to challenge the mighty carnator himself (just add him)!

Watch live video from leviathyntv on www.twitch.tv