One Piece Episode 595: Someone should’ve Warned Law

Trafalgar Law learns the hard way that Strawhat Luffy might not have been the subtlest of choices in One Piece episode 595: “Capture M! The Pirate Alliance Operation Launces!

Law has been making a handful of WTF faces ever since seeing Luffy and his crew engage in their everyday absurdities. In the previous episode, he was even unfortunate enough to have a reindeer strapped to his head. Priceless moments for the rather glum fellow, I must say. A pirate alliance is no laughing matter – especially between crews as infamous as the Heart and Strawhat pirates – but little did Law know that Luffy’s idea of an alliance is ever so slightly different from his own. Regardless of the incongruity in their perception of an alliance, however, they launch their grand plan of kidnapping Caesar Clown, Punk Island’s de facto Master in a ploy that Law claims will lead to the downfall of one of the Yonkou, the Four Emperors. Where Law chooses subtlety and wit, however, Luffy takes the kick-the-door-down-and-kick-everyone’s-ass approach. Admittedly, it seems to be working in his favor so far. Soon, the climactic events of this arc will unravel and perhaps we’ll all be graced with a few more showdowns at the level of Law Vs Smoker.

As the series inches closer to the main events of the arc, there is still a lot more to the plot than meets the eye. While the generic, easily despicable main antagonist is in play and most of Punk Island’s mysteries have been unveiled, the shroud keeping the grand machinations of the main plot from sight is yet to be lifted. Punk Hazard feels like the Jaya Island to Skypiea or the Water Seven to Enies Lobby. As engaging as this may all be, it’s but a prequel to an astoundingly expansive and encompassing series of events that will change the One Piece world. Oda seems to be making the stage grander and greater every time he pulls off this one-two, with the most recent combination being the Impel Down and Marineford duo. He advances his grand plot towards the mythical One Piece using a formula that’s proven effective for the past ten years, ruthlessly upping the ante to the tune of Haki and pirate alliances.

It’s not like there’s anything to complain about though. The pattern works and One Piece remains one of the most entertaining long-running anime today. For how long can Oda upgrade his antics? How many more powerful foes will Luffy and the gang have to topple? Well, in a few more episodes, we’re sure to see at least a few more noteworthy characters that have major roles in the inner workings of the New World. [by ]


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