Is a ZombiU Sequel in the Works?

After an enlightening conversation on Twitter today, we’ve learned from Ubisoft Montpelier’s Jean-Philippe Caro that the team is working on a prototype for a sequel to the Wii U launch title ZombiU.

While a prototype doesn’t mean the publisher will give the project the green light, it does mean that developers would like to give Wii U owners  another round of zombie-slaying goodness. See the conversation between Caro and a fan below:

ZombiU was a survival horror game on the Nintendo Wii U launch lineup that released to mixed critical reactions. The game features many of the best conventions of classic survival horror games, including scarcity, atmosphere, and a true sense of dread and terror as you try to navigate a post-apocalyptic London and combat zombies using a variety of weapons and strategies.

Would you be excited for a new ZombiU sequel? What would you want them to do differently? Tell us in the comments below!

(Thanks IGN)