Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 79: Into Chimera Ant Territory

In Hunter X Hunter 2011 episode 79: “No Good NGL,” Kite, Gon, Killua, and the rest of their team finally enter NGL, but the chimera ant hive is already thriving, and parts of the NGL territory are already eradicated.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 seems to be competing with Shingeki no Kyojin when it comes to plot pacing – breakneck seems an appropriate adjective given the circumstances. The chimera ant army is increasingly becoming larger and human individuality is causing derision within their ranks. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua’s team are finally able to enter NGL, but too late for many people, perhaps including the professional hunter Pokkuro and his team. Despite a handy nen arrow ability, Pokkuro remains out of his league in an area swarming with armored, weaponized chimera ant soldiers wreaking havoc, out of the queen’s control.

Interestingly, the series of events is partly following the fall of Gyro, the king of the underworld in NGL and the leader of the group manufacturing dangerous, prohibited drugs. His demise is due soon, and what role he or his death plays remains to be seen.  The anime seems to be in the now familiar lull between the expected Shounen fight sequences, and I don’t expect Pokkuro to put up much of a fight. Soon, however, the talented hunter Kite along with Gon and Killua will come into contact with the ants, probably the ones rampaging through human territories.

This episode plays on two distinct facets of the anime: the political landscape particularly surrounding the reclusive Mitene Union and NGL, and the way human individuality is causing uproar in the ranks of the typically disciplined chimera ants. Powerful and superior to most humans, some ants are even questioning the role and supposed predominance of humans, perhaps conflicted with how humans see the natural hierarchy when they adhere strictly to their own.  Most are reflecting the characteristics of the humans they were “made from” while enjoying the abilities they gained from other genes. When the chaos of battle breaks out, will their human personas also dictate which side they choose, or will their ant instincts prevent moral decisions in favor of unwavering insect discipline?

As far as we know no ant has yet displayed any proclivity towards nen, and none could possibly match the prowess of Kite, Ging’s own apprentice. Yet the queen is waiting to hatch the King’s Royal Guards, and soon the King himself. Will Kite and the others have enough time to reach the queen’s lair before she hatches some of the most powerful creatures in the world? The chimera ant arc carries with it the gravity of the Yorkshin City arc and the technical facets of the game world in the Greed Island arc. Soon it will devolve into a row of man versus ant fights, one after another – and it can’t come soon enough. [by ]