DVD Error Causes BBC To Plead With Doctor Who Fans Not To Post Spoilers

BBC Worldwide are asking US Doctor Who fans to not post spoilers about the series finale, after a shipping error caused Doctor Who DVDs to be sent out early.

According to BBC Worldwide, a “small number” of fans had been sent pre-ordered DVDs, which contain this series final episode, three weeks early. Now Doctor Who bosses are bargaining with US fans to not reveal the plot as it would ruin the experience for others. If the fans keep the plot a secret, an exclusive video featuring current doctor Matt Smith and his predecessor, David Tennant, will be shown.

David Tennant, along with previous companion Billie Piper, will guest star alongside Matt Smith in a 50th anniversary 3D special this autumn. It makes sense to try and persuade fans not to spoil it for everyone else by offering up what could be a clip of this special 50th anniversary special. Of course the video could be of something entirely different but whatever it is, it’s sure to get fans excited.

This weeks finale, The Name of the Doctor, is written by Steven Moffat himself, who despises fans who post spoilers. In 2011, Moffat said he hated fans who posted spoilers of Doctor Who and that he “wished they could go and be fans of something else”. This comment came after a fan who’d been invited to a special press screening, had then posted the entire plot of two episodes on an internet forum.

BBC Worldwide is now looking into what caused the DVDs in question to be sent out early. Hopefully Doctor Who fans can avoid any spoilers until Saturday night.

Thanks BBC