Updates to Google Play Leaked

Ahead of the Google I/O conference scheduled for next week, new information on the future of Google Play has been leaked.

Android Police has gotten an advance copy of the new Google Play Service, which begins like most apps do: with an icon (in this case, a controller-shaped icon) located on the home screen begging to be click. Similar to how most mobile games allow Facebook or Twitter logins to post scores for bragging rights, Google+ will finally be available for users to sign in and connect with other members. Other synchronizations with Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar will also be possible. In addition to receiving notifications from friends, Android users will also be able to save via the cloud. Google Play will also begin looking a lot more like Xbox Live, with achievements, leaderboards, and multiplayer invites.

With more big and indie game developers incorporating mobile gaming into their plan, these new Google Play updates will help build a stronger connection with gamers. While there are still more new features for Google Play set to be revealed in the coming days, this juicy information should entice Android fanatics for the time being. The official Google I/O conference will begin on May 15 and continue until the 17.