The 5 HD Collections Gamers Need Now

Every so often a series will re-release a compilation of their old titles in one new HD release. It’s nice to have a large chunk of a great series on one disc, not only because it’s convenient to replay the series on, but also because the price is usually better than buying a long list of retro video games. Even better, the graphics are usually polished up, and the games are made available on the current generation of consoles. Really, these HD Collections are just excellent all around, whether you’re playing the series for the first time, or replaying it for the 100th.

But I’m getting tired playing my Hitman HD Trilogy and other recent HD releases like Age of Empires II and Baldur’s Gate. There’s a huge list of series that have HD Collections released, but there’s always room for more. Make us these 5 HD Collections!


Zelda HD Collection… Another One

The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition was an awesome release for the Gamecube. It had both the original Zeldas, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. If the Wind Waker demo had been a fully fledged copy of the game this would be one of the most worthwhile purchases a gamer could make. But these are the Zelda titles that I’ve already played, and I wouldn’t mind another Collector’s Edition (this time in HD) that included some other Zelda titles that I haven’t had the chance to try. Throw some of the Gameboy releases on a console, and add some of the more recent, but not too recent, Zelda releases and that’s an HD Collection I might actually buy a Wii U for. Nintendo is already doing this with the Wind Waker, so why not do it with all of them?

Grand Theft Auto HD Collection

You can buy a Collection of HD Grand Theft Auto games on Steam, and every once in a while at a damn good price. GTA has enough older titles to release an HD collection now, filled with titles that came out before the HD era, like Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, and Vice City. Sure you can already buy them individually, and at a decent price, but these are games I’d love to see polished up and in high definition. After all, Grand Theft Auto III did come out over 12 years ago now, and that’s a game I’d love to play with some updated graphics.

Age of Empires HD Collection

The HD edition of Age of Empires II was just released last month (read our review of it here) and honestly it wasn’t much different than the original. I guess that’s ok, because Age of Empires II was already a great game to begin with, but I expected a little bit more update in terms of graphics. And while II might be my favorite of the series, I still enjoy playing I and III. Why not update all of them, instead of just the second one, and sell them all together? You might be surprised to know that the Age of Empires series has sold more than other competing strategy games, like Civilization, so I’m sure there would be some nostalgic buyers. And why not throw some HD Age of Mythology in there for kicks too?

Star Wars HD Collection

There are so many Star Wars games. So many that even though I’ve played more than I can count, I know that I’ve barely touched a portion of them. With the future of Star Wars games up in the air, this is the time to re-release some of their more popular titles into one HD Collector’s edition. Between the KOTOR games, the different racing and ship flying series, the Jedi Knight games, Battlefront, and even the Lego Star Wars games, this franchise has games in literally every genre from puzzle to MMORPG. Just pick the best ones and release them with some updated graphics.


I’m a huge fan of the Civilization series. Every time a new one comes out I’m excited to see how they’ve improved the game. But with the improvements, I find different mechanics that are changed, simplified, or simply abandoned. That’s why the 3rd Civilization remains my favorite, even with the release of 4 and 5. Each game in the series brings their own pros and cons to the table, which makes each game in the series fun to go back and play, even if it’s sequel has already come out. Just update those graphics and put the first four on one disc. Now that’s an HD Collection gamers need now.

What franchise do you think needs to jump on the HD Collection bandwagon? Let us know in the comments below!

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