Terror’s Involvement In Resident Evil: Revelations

The third development diary for the upcoming HD re-release of Resident Evil: Revelations has been released. While the previous diary focused on viruses and infections, this one focuses heavily on changes to the game that will add to the experience and even offer replay value. Starting off, Go Ozawa, a programmer for the game, begins by talking about certain mechanics that make each player’s playthrough of the game slightly different. For example, there may be more enemies in one room than were were in your previous playthrough, and there may be enemies in different locations than they were in during your first play. He touts that he believes this to be one of the best features in the game, and then the direction switches to composer Kota Suzuki.

Suzuki talks about the sounds that the enemies make and the different techniques he used to create those noises. He explains that he used “relentless increases in tempo and wild pitch variations” in order to get the sounds to be truly frightening. He then continues on by saying that Resident Evil: Revelations is a return to the classic form of Resident Evil, and that it “plays off of a claustrophobic environment.” He finished by adding that they made sure to have any unsettling sound effects remain during exploration and battles, and not only in the scenes in which they were appropriate. feel free to check out the diary for yourself below.

Resident Evil: Revelations HD is definitely looking to outshine its 3DS counterpart, and it seems like it is on the right track. The HD graphics are of course appealing, and the ability players will have to use a controller instead of the 3DS will add to the enjoyment of the experience. While the 3DS original is absolutely fantastic, i think it is safe to say that a classic-style Resident Evil game will control better with a controller than with the handheld system. Hopefully every iteration of this game outsells Resident Evil 6 so that we can go back towards classic Resident Evil than the more action-focused experience of late. Resident Evil 4 is on of my favorite games of all time, and I cannot help but imagine that if they can strike that perfect balance again, they’ll have another masterpiece on their hands.

[Source: ResidentEvil Youtube Channel]