New Pokemon Announced for Pokemon X and Y Along With Other Details

Pokemon X and Y, the latest in the long running franchise, have had many strange and wonderful rumors and announcements to date. Ranging from new forms of existing Pokemon to outlandish claims such as not being able to name your own character, there has always been something to talk about. Now the latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has given fans something new to talk about: the early leaking of the first game world details and four new Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y

First let’s talk about the four new Pokemon (all of which you can see in the image above). These four have currently been confirmed and you can now find these four on the Serebii Pokemon X and Y page.

– The top one, which looks a little bit like a mad Panda, is Yancham. This is a “mischievous” fighting-type Pokemon, which has a  new technique called “Parting Remark”. It’s stats currently stand at 0.6m tall and weighing 8.0kg.

– The next one is called Yayakoma, a “Ryukyu Robin” Pokemon. This is a normal/fighting hybrid and can use the fire-technique “Flame Charge”. Its stats are 0.3m tall and 1.7kg.

– The third Pokemon is Elicitel, a “generation” electric/normal-type Pokemon. This little beauty boasts a new technique called “Parabola Charge”, which heals its own HP while damaging enemies. Quite a useful move. It is 0.5m tall and weighs 6.0kg.

– The final Pokemon, and perhaps the most exciting new announcement, is Gogoat, a “ride” grass-type Pokemon. Yes, ride, which means that you can actually use it as a mount in a way similar to the Pokemon Cycle. It uses the technique “Horn Leech” and, at 1.7m tall and 91.0kg, looks to be an impressive addition to the Pokedex.

This makes four new Pokemon to join the likes of the new Mewtwo and the latest Eevee evolution.

Pokemon X and Y

As well as this new announcement, CoroCoro Comic also released the first details about the game world itself. Pokemon X and Y will be set in the Karos Region, with Miare City (the town with the structure similar to the Eiffel Tower) playing the part of the main town. In the image from CoroCoro you can see the player actually riding a Gogoat, as well as another exciting announcement: character customization. It might not be anything near the character customization seen in MMO games, but the ability to customize your character, even just a little bit, is a great way to get a whole new personal Pokemon experience. You will be able to change the colour of your skin and hair. The scan above also shows the game’s world map, Miare City artwork and some more in-game action.

Now that all of the confirmed details are out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the new rumored Pokemon that are circulating around the Internet. The first is an evolved form of Absol, the disaster Pokemon:

Pokemon X and Y

This latest shot takes a look at Topsol. While the stats and type for the creature are unknown, you can definitely tell it is an Absol evolution with new added spikes and detail. Sadly this image has been dismissed as a fake fan art due to the Japanese text translation error, which made me a little bit sad. As far as the rumored Pokemon go, this one has to be one of my favorites.

Pokemon X and Y

The next rumored evolution comes in the form of Jynx. Rumor has it that the psychic/ice Pokemon will be evolving into Rujeria (who looks a little too human for my taste really). Not much is known from the image above, other than that Rujeria will be an Ice/Psychic-type and will be 1.7m tall and weigh 48.5kg. The image also shows Rujeria taking part in battles, but while this may all look real it is best to take the new evolution with a pinch of salt. Does Jynx need an evolution?

Pokemon X and YNext there are the baby forms of Pinsir and Heracross. Rumors of the prevolutions have been circulating for a while, with Nintendo neither confirming or really denying their existence. Back in March the Pokedex for Pokemon X and Y was leaked, listing “Bugler” and “Chryscross” as the new baby forms. This has since been proven as a fake, so more than likely these baby forms are also fake. With only a handful of Bug Pokemon currently without any form of evolution, it would be nice to see something new for the older Pokemon, especially if the designs stayed as adorable as the ones above.

Pokemon X and Y

Another older Pokemon set to have a new evolution is Sableye. This rumor has been floating around since a poster for the new Pokemon movie was released. Just behind Ash and Pikachu you could see a familiar lurking figure, and the poster offered no explanation as to why it made an appearance. This sparked the rumor that Sableye will be getting a new evolution, and more recently this image appeared across the globe. It’s unsure whether this has been marked as a fake, but until Nintendo officially confirms or denies its validity then again, take it with a grain of salt.  As the only non-legendary Ghost Pokemon I personally think it would be great to bring some life back to him.

Pokemon X and Y

The final image circulating the internet shows the supposed designs for evolutions of the starter Pokemon. If you search ‘Pokemon X and Y starter evolutions’ in Google you are met with many different designs for what people want these to look like. The forms in the image above are meant to be their final forms, but something just seems a little lackluster in my opinion. These designs don’t have quite the right feel about them, so these could be the second forms and something more explosive and awesome could be waiting in the wings for when the game is released. We can only sit and hope!

As with all rumors please take the Pokemon in the second half of this article with a grain of salt. Pokemon X and Y are generally being kept very hush-hush, but hopefully more details will be revealed on the 19th May. What do you think, do these Pokemon need evolutions/prevolutions? And what about the new additions to the Pokedex? I quite like the idea of having a Pokemon you can actually ride around. Although I do wonder: is the Professor going to tell you it’s not the right time to use your Pokemon instead of your bike?