Gaming Soundtrack #1 – Pendulum – Immersion

You’ve logged hundreds hours into it already, played thousands of matches, and fragged enough digital avatars to put Genghis Khan to shame. You’ve grown numb to constant sound of blaring assault rifles and explosive grenades. It’s all too familiar now, yet you keep coming back for more and more. Game developers put a lot of work into the sound effects and background music to help bring you into their world. Character voices pull out the story of the title while orchestra tracks supplement the mood of a scene. But sometimes, you want a fresher experience, a different experience and playing your own music over that is a great way to achieve that. So for those of you that enjoy adding your own soundtrack to your games, I present a new album that’s worth adding to your “gaming playlist” once you’ve worn out the mp3s that shipped with the game.

Coming straight out of Perth, Australia is the electronic group, Pendulum. They’ve been rocking out since 2002 and have since found a huge following which is directly contributed to their unique sound of “drum and bass.” For those unfamiliar with the genre, it sounds exactly like you think it would sound; fast, pounding drums behind synthetic and electronic sirens and melodies. It’s fast, frenetic and Pendulum’s latest album, Immersion, is no exception.

The album opens with the quick intro track, “Genesis”, which flows right into the next  one, “Salt in the Wounds.” The first minute or so build and build until the track breaks into a upbeat, energetic electro-house mix that is undeniably enjoyable. With the volume turned up to eleven, it’s hard not to feel a rush of energy and adrenaline course through your veins during the rest of its six minute length. The third track, Watercolour, is the first to feature vocals and lyrics. The album just as quickly jumps from a pulse pounding electronica vibe to a powerful and emotional track. You’ll be singing along to the catchy lyrics of easily one of the best songs on the album.

The switch from adrenaline to emotion is something you’ll hear often during the rest of the album. Songs like Crush, The Island, and The Vulture will keep the blood flowing while tracks like Under The Waves, The Fountain, and Self vs. Self strike the perfect musical mix of heart-felt lyrics and bright, vibrant melodies.

Electronica / Techno music falls under a very general blanket and its often hard to weed out the quality from the crap. Pendulum is neither dub-step nor generic house music but their latest offering, Immersion, is a fantastic album that will fit perfectly over just about any game. The songs flow beautifully from one to the next and you’ll likely get lost in its transient vibe. Even better, this album is on Spotify so you should have no problem finding access to it.

Top 5 Tracks (In No Order)

  • The Fountain
  • Under The Waves
  • Self vs. Self
  • Salt in the Wounds
  • Watercolour

And here’s a little taste for the lazy: