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Five Cool Horror Games to Check Out on Steam Greenlight

I like to play horror games more than any other genre, so here are five horror games that are currently on Steam Greenlight. There aren’t any zombies or vampires here, but there’s at least one ghost, a person trapped in a creepy land, some Lovecraftian horrors, an imaginary friend that might be evil and even cannibal mutants. If you like what you see, help them get on Steam by voting for them!


Doorways is a first person survival horror game with all kinds of puzzles to solve in order to figure out why you’re trapped in a terrifying realm and if you can escape. Doorways will have secret places to unlock, artifacts to collect and hidden notes that expand the backstory of the game while granting achievements.

Check out the trailer below:

 Wishful Lie

Wishful Lie is a first person psychological horror game. The story revolves around a schizophrenic and delusional teenage girl name Lilly, who traverses two different realms, her imagination and the real world. Howard is her imaginary best friend and her guide.

Developer GHCEntertainment’s Workshop says “Feel the grip of true horror as you attempt to escape incarceration from both the physical and the delusional, only to discover the truth of a much deeper gruesome tragedy that had shattered the young girls mind. Weave in and out of reality and delusion, watch as the world and its inhabitants change and morph as Lilly’s mind fractures further.”

Players can be either Lilly or Howard and can freely switch between them. Picking up special objects will unlock side plots and back story.

The Kingsport Cases

Developer Daystar’s Workshop says that the The Kingsport Cases “is a fully procedurally generated survival horror game set in late 19th century Lovecraftian lore.”

“When the quiet, foggy port town loses its only detective to a tragic accident, the local police department calls you, a fledgling detective of little renown from Essex county. “It’s an easy job,” they say, but you shouldn’t count on it. There is darkness around every corner, and it seeks you.”

The Kingsport Cases features “Extreme replayability. Imagine a horror game where you couldn’t possibly know what awaits you around that next corner. A purposeful content system which prioritizes events, storylines, characters, monsters, and maps you’ve never seen before so every play-through is unique.”

Anything Lovecraftian is right up my alley, so I’m very interested in this one.


Damned is a randomized online horror game for up to five players that explores the feeling of being “defenseless against a powerful supernatural foe.”

As a survivor your main objective will be finding your way out of the haunted 1920’s hotel with a gruesome past. You’ll want to help your fellows escape as well, and there are keys and items to help you do so that you’ll need to find. And you’ll spend plenty of time running from a monster that’s trying to stop you from leaving. By killing you.

One player is able to be the monster, which has both and ethereal and a physical form. Your job is to hunt down the players in the hotel and eliminate them.

The random nature of Damned affects each game differently. Items may not appear in a stage, and the ultimate objective of the survivor group is also random. The hotel itself may throw events at the survivors, like doors slamming and ghostly objects.

Being trapped in a haunted hotel and needing to escape with a bunch of other people sounds fun, but what really drew me to this game was the idea of playing the monster!

 The Forest

You’re the only survivor of a terrible plane crash. That’s good, but the bad news is that you’re in a forest that contains cannibalistic mutants bent on devouring you alive.

The world of The Forest is completely open, with changing weather patterns and realistic environments that are truly alive and changing. You can do anything in The Forest that you feel you need to in order to survive. You can build fires, shelters, and even traps to defend yourself.

Your enemies are a “clan of genetic mutant enemies that have beliefs, families, morals and that appear almost human.”