North America League Championship Series Summer Promotion Recap

The Summer Promotion tournament is a chance for amateur teams from the ranked ladder and MLG/IPL qualifiers to try to become a professional team in the Summer split.  The lower 4 teams from the Spring split are also competing for their LCS lives, and will have to fend off the newcomers to keep their spot in the North American League Championship Series.

The Summer Promotion tournament is broken up into two rounds: challenger and promotion.  The challenger round has the amateur teams facing off against each other to see who will move on to play in the promotion round.  And in the promotion round, the lower 4 LCS teams from the Spring split will be playing the winners from the challenger to see who will get a spot in the Summer split.

(Underline signifies winner)

Challenger Round (Best of 3)

Quantic Gaming (2-0) vs. Team Astral Poke (Quantic Gaming moves on to play compLexity)

Velocity eSports (2-1) vs. The Salad Bar (Velocity eSports moves on to play Team MRN)

Team Summon (2-0) vs. Fidelis (Team Summon moves on to play Team Dignitas)

DoubleBuff vs. Azure Cats (2-0) (Azure Cats moves on to play Counter Logic Gaming)

Promotion Round (Best of 5)

compLexity vs. Quantic Gaming

  • Game 1 – Quantic Gaming showed that even though they were coming in as an amateur team, they were not here to mess around.  Quantic Gaming’s mid laner Hai simply dominated as Zed, going 6-0-2 to cruise to a quick and easy game 1 victory.

Winner – Quantic Gaming (coL 0 – QTC 1)

  • Game 2 – Although coL decided to ban out Zed after Hai’s superb performance in game 1, Hai went with another physical AD mid laner with Kha’Zix and had another excellent performance.  Finishing 7-1-5, Hai again was melting down his targets with relative ease and Quantic Gaming took a 2-0 lead.

Winner – Quantic Gaming (coL 0 – QTC 2)

  • Game 3 – coL started off game 3 much better than their previous games, with a double kill from their jungler.  It looked like things might be different in game 3, but Quantic Gaming proved that they were the better team.  With superior team fighting and coordination, Quantic Gaming swept compLexity to take their spot in the Summer split of the LCS.

Winner – Quantic Gaming (coL 0 – QTC 3)

Team MRN vs. Velocity eSports

  • Game 1 – The first game of this epic series can be summed up with one word: Nientonsoh.  As MRN’s AD carry, Nientonsoh did just that, going 15-1-3 with Tristana and destroying his opponents by the late game.  Although the game was neck and neck throughout, the late game prowess of Tristana proved to be too much for VES to handle, and MRN won this 42 minute match.

Winner – Team MRN (MRN 1 – VES 0)

  • Game 2 – Game 2 showcased VES taking a specific team strategy and executing it perfectly.  They chose to go with a heavy poke and split pushing team by selecting a jungle Ezreal and mid lane Janna for a total of 2 AD carries and 2 supports.  This unorthodox play caught MRN off guard, and although the kill count was only 5-5 30 minutes in, VES managed to take out all 3 inhibitors and eventually the victory with their unique team composition.  

Winner – Velocity eSports (MRN 1 – VES 1)

  • Game 3 – By far the craziest match in the series, game 3 ended up being one of the most exciting matches in a while.  During the late game, Team MRN gained the upper hand in a team fight and looked to push and destroy VES’ Nexus, which only had 1 turret guarding it.  But support Zyra miraculously fended off 3 of MRN’s members long enough for the rest of VES to spawn.  With MRN ostensibly retreating, VES looked to counter-push.  But Nientonsoh on Corki decided to sneakily hide in a brush, fooling VES into thinking that all of MRN had recalled back to their base.  Once VES had reached MRN’s base, Nientonsoh used Valkyrie to jump over the wall and took out the Nexus to win this amazing 57 minute game. 

Winner – Team MRN (MRN 2 – VES 1)

  • Game 4 – Velcotiy eSports maintained their composure after game 3’s insanity and systematically gained the lead in game 4.  The combination of Rumble and Tristana gave VES the win in 33 minutes to set the stage for a decisive game 5.

Winner – Velocity eSports (MRN 2 – VES 2)

  • Game 5 – With a ticket to the LCS on the line, VES showed why they deserved to be in the Summer split.  VES again went with the duo of Rumble and Tristana for their carries and MRN again had no answer.  VES knocked out Team MRN and claimed their position in the LCS.

Winner – Velocity eSports (MRN 2 – VES 3)

Team Dignitas vs. Team Summon

  • Game 1 – As Dignitas’ leader and shot caller, Scarra made his presence felt in game 1.  With Evelynn, Scarra went 11-1-12 to a 32 minute win for Dignitas.

Winner – Team Dignitas (DIG 1 – TS 0)

  • Game 2 – After Scarra’s great play from game 1, Team Summon used all 3 of their bans on Scarra, and that decision turned out to be a smart one.  TS’ Karthus asserted his dominance over the course of the game and they evened the series at 1-1.

Winner – Team Summon (DIG 1 – TS 1)

  • Game 3 – Dignitas caught Team Summon off guard in champion select with a Rammus jungle pick.  Although Rammus is almost never seen, DIG utilized him to great effect, taking advantage of his tremendous movement speed with Jayce’s acceleration gate.  Rammus was simply all over the map, making plays everywhere, and DIG took the game 3 win.

Winner – Team Dignitas (DIG 2 – TS 1)

  • Game 4 – Although TS was up 5-2 in kills early on, DIG quickly turned that advantage around with a team fight set up perfectly by Scarra’s patented Diana.  From then on, Diana was the catalyst in all of the subsequent team fights and Dignitas won the series to keep their spot in the LCS.

Winner – Team Dignitas (DIG 3 – TS 1)

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Azure Cats

  •  Game 1 – CLG’s often used strategy of “protect the Doublelift” was on full display here, as Doubelift went 11-0-4 in Ezreal.  CLG slowly and steadily gained a lead and forced Azure Cats into a surrender 32 minutes in.

Winner – CLG (CLG 1 – AC 0)

  • Game 2 – CLG picked Blitzcrank and made full use of his early game power.  Aphromoo executed a perfect blind hook to bring in Tristana who was hiding in the tribrush to give CLG first blood 50 seconds into the match.  With this extremely early advantage, CLG steamrolled their way onto a game 2 victory.

Winner – CLG (CLG 2 – AC 0)

  • Game 3 – Game 3 had CLG going back to the old school duo of Taric/Urgot.  The combined utility and tankiness of the Taric/Urgot pair was too much for Azure Cats to handle, and CLG swept Azure Cats to retain their spot in the LCS.

Winner – CLG (CLG 3 – AC 0)


The 8 teams in the NA LCS for the Summer split have been set.  The 8 teams are:

1. TSM Snapdragon

2. Good Game University

3. Vulcun

4. Curse

5. Team Dignitas

6. Counter Logic Gaming

7. Quantic Gaming

8. Velocity eSports

The action continues May 24-26 with the All-Star Event in Shanghai, China.