Livestream: Sanctum 2 Q&A with Coffee Stain Studios

After this wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, we figured the gaming crowd would like to get back into the swing of things with a livestream of Sanctum 2 with the developers, Coffee Stain Studios! Ready to answer your questions at a moment’s notice, Armin Ibrisagic and Oscar Jilsén will be fielding all questions dealing with guns, towers, angry demon monsters as well as their favorite kinds of coffee – if any. Don’t miss out, so get on in here and join us!

Sanctum 2 is a highly ambitious first-person tower defense title that, without a doubt, completely blows away its predecessor. While we’ve only played the preview builds, it’s already a sure thing that Sanctum 2 will become the top-dog when it releases in just a couple of days. As an added bonus, anyone who pre-orders Sanctum 2 will be gifted the surprisingly awesome Super Sanctum TD as a bonus. As a more simplified version of Sanctum (or Sanctum 2), Super Sanctum TD is a pixelated tower defense game that’s just as addictive as it’s big brother (or sister). If you haven’t seen anything yet on both of these titles, then make sure you’re here Monday, May 13th at 18:00 GMT (2pm EST) for the Sanctum 2 livestream!

You can watch the stream right here or via our Twitch TV channel! Just remember – Sanctum 2 at 2pm EST, Monday, May 13th at 2pm EST.

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