League of Leviathyn: Post-Game Analysis – Episode 4

In this Post-Game Analysis, we look into the benefits of team synergy around a common theme and come away with a strong victory. In Episode 4, Andrew plays an uncommon carry on bottom lane, Joey shows off the power of Jarvan IV in the jungle and we have a great time slamming the enemy team. We’ve finally begun to bring you all some victory footage and, hopefully, we’ll be bringing you more in the future. Now lets break down the best and worst of Episode 4!

League of Leviathyn is a weekly video feature that showcases a full, uncut, uncensored game of League of Legends with staff from Leviathyn. It also presents a shortened and focused episode that breaks down the best and the most detrimental plays in that same game. League of Leviathyn will not provide the best guides to your favorite champions and it will not present the most bad-ass expert plays. Above all, it will not dictate that the players (us) are on a professional level; we’re standard players just like you! This feature is meant to provide a window into interacting with us and us to you! We want to hear your suggestions so we can make our videos into something more exciting to watch and, maybe, you could even get invited to a couple of games!