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GAME Gets Set To Launch a Range of DVD and Blu Ray Titles

GAME Retail Ltd. has been a quality provider of gaming entertainment, in one form or another, since around 1992. From computer games to digital downloads and Steam vouchers, the UK gamer has been able to get their gaming fix by simply walking in to the store. Now GAME will be offering yet another new product: movies.

There has always been a link between games and movies. Both entertainment forms immerse viewers in fantastic and amazing worlds, providing an interactive and generally entertaining way of experiencing a story. From the 13th May 2013, GAME will be launching its biggest range of Blu Ray and DVD titles to date.

The UK retailer has already had successful in-store trials, offering The Hobbit and Skyfall earlier this year, and the full range is set to include well over 50 titles. This comes as part of their strategy to deliver everything a UK gamer needs to maintain their lifestyle. Charlotte Knight, Category Director for Game Retail Ltd, believes that games and movies go hand-in-hand, so making this step was only natural.

Gaming and movies go together hand-in-hand – you only need to look at the cinematic effects found in many games, along with how many games are based on films and vice versa, to understand how closely the two are related. Introducing this range of movies is another big step towards delivering for every aspect of a gamer’s lifestyle. We’ve already had very encouraging performances on The Hobbit and Skyfall, and we’re confident that the time is right to extend our range. We’re really excited that our customers will be able to get their hands on their favourite movies both in-store and online.

The new range of products will be available both on the GAME Website and in-store from Monday 13th May. This sounds a little bit like GAME are becoming the new Blockbuster, which could be a very good idea as it encourages a whole new range of customers to visit the retailer. However I think they do need to be careful about edging too far away from games and their merchandise, but to be fair, games are in their name. And if this finally means I can find a copy of Komodo (which I’ve been wanting to re-watch for years) then I’ll be waiting outside my GAME’s doors for their opening on Monday morning.