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Coolest Game of Thrones Collectibles

Are you a Game of Thrones fan with money burning a hole in your pocket? Have no fear, Travis Freese from lists five of the coolest Game of Thrones Collectibles that money can buy.

The Game of Thrones Book Series ($20)



True, it might not be the most flamboyant collector’s piece, but it’s definitely one of the coolest.  Why? Because this is where the HBO show began! Any true game of throne fan needs to own the collection in hard print. I’ve only made it about half way through the second book, but so far it’s just as good if not better than the TV show series. Seriously, if you are a true fan give these a read, and have them on your bookshelf for everyone else to see. Plus, for only $20 this collectible is a great value: both cheap and usable.

Any one of the many maps (varies)



I’m pretty picky when it comes to hanging things on my wall. I don’t like generic movie, video game, or TV show posters. Game of Thrones has countless different posters, depicting all of the main characters as well as dragons, thrones, and scenes form the TV show. But the maps, which range in price, content, and size, are a little bit cooler. Having one of these on your wall will making your living room have the Game of Thrones feel in a classier way than a big picture of John Snow.

Game of Thrones Board Game ($59.95)

game of thrones board game

Game of Thrones has an increasingly popular trading card game, but this board game is a different thing entirely. It looks like other table top war games like Risk and Axis and Allies, but is set in the world of Westros. Players battle as the different land owning houses of the seven kingdoms for the right to the iron throne. Sure, it comes with a pretty big price tag, but if you’re a board game or table top player than it’s well worth the price to add this gem to your collection.

Longclaw, John Snow’s Sword ($240)



What’s more badass than a real sword? A sword made to look like one of the weapons in Game of Thrones. This sword, a replica of John Snow’s Longclaw is actually sold out, but you can find lots of other sword, armor, and shield replicas online from Some of the cooler models include the Hound’s Helm and Arya Stark’s Needle. I’m not sure exactly what you’d do with the collectible, seeing as it’s harder to hang on your wall or put in a cupboard compared to the maps, books, and board games. But as soon as you figure out what to do with it it’s sure to be the coolest piece in your Game of Thrones collection.

Life Size Replica of Game of Throne’s Iron Throne ($30,000)


No joke. It’s real and it really costs $30,000. Only for the most extreme Game of Thrones fans, and the most badass ones…