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Would You Rather? – Gamer Edition (part 4)

Life can be pretty cool. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made cooler.

That’s all the exposition I can think of for this one. It’s time for the would you rather!!!


Would you rather have a personal skill tree or be able to see the various skill levels of other people?

I also couldn’t think of what to use for a face-off picture for this one… they’re extremely similar but still very different.

I’ll admit it- I love level grinding. There’s nothing quite like that moment in a game where you level up. You go to a skill tree and browse your options. This one point could define my being for my entire next level. This one point could define my being… for my entire life. Having a skill tree with “talk meter maid out of a parking ticket” or “hangover cure” really would be a life-changer. Instead of trekking to the gym I could just level up by playing video games or something and drop a point in “disarmingly sexy look” or “fat burn” and get the same results. This would also be something unique to me- I’d get to be the hero of every story, uniquely customizable and (hypothetically) immortal. The one big downside would be that every time I leveled up in public there would be a huge flash of light and loud noises, which could be embarrassing/dangerous under the wrong circumstances.


Level 10 driving acheiv- *SCREECH*

Level 10 driving acheiv- *SCREECH*

The benefit of being able to see the stats of other people would be invaluable for team building. If the car salesman has a lot of successful [Lie]s, you know not to trust him. If two attractive people of the opposite gender each want your hand (you charmer, you), it would be invaluable to be able to have an actual, unbiased measure of their pros and cons laid out in front of you. You could probably land a cushy  job as a high up manager using your uncanny ability to pass judgement on the abilities of others, without any notion of self-doubt. That said, you may also find it hard to make any friends at all because you can’t overlook their negatives. You could be blinded to some of your potentially best friends simply because the numbers don’t quite add up. That sounds lonely.

I've alienated everyone I've ever known for financial success! Hooray!

I’ve alienated everyone I’ve ever known for financial success! Hooray!


I know it would be nice to have both, but as a game editorial writer, it’s up to me to make the hard choices. I deal with this task somberly, and the “what ifs” haunt me each night in my dreams…

I’ve decided I’d rather level myself up. It’s got more personal benefits. I could be anything- even a hermit- and still find use for my skill tree.


Winner: Personal skill tree

Brick_skill_tree copy