The 5 Lost Franchises of Video Games

For every rip off or sequel that gets the green light, an original idea gets swept under the rug. With that being said, there are many great games that never got the following that they deserved. While games like Call of Duty get a new game announced moments after the previous one launches, these series sit on the shelf collecting dust. With that in mind, we are going to be discussing the 5 Lost Franchises of Video Games. Each one of these series deserves to be revived for a new generation to enjoy. Hopefully this article will inspire a Kickstarter to do just that.

Brutal Paws of Fury


Published in 1994 by GameTek, Brutal Paws of Fury was a fighting game that featured anthropomorphic animals. Yes, you heard that right. It was a fighting game that featured animals using various martial arts moves in one on one fights. Why this game isn’t the top fighting game franchise is beyond me. Brutal spawned 1 sequel in 1995, Brutal: Above the Claw. Above the Claw was more of a remastered directors cut than a true sequel, and the fact that it was for the 32X didn’t help its sales. While fighting games still rely on the clichéd list of martial artists, Brutal thought way outside the box and delivered a unique and memorable experience. A sequel with updated graphics, tighter controls, and a few new animal fighters would definitely fly off the shelves in my opinion.

Chakan: The Forever Man


I once wrote an article about games that deserved a next gen sequel, and Chakan was one of the few games that made that list. Based on a comic book, Chakan the Forever Man is the only game on this list with only a single game under its belt. Despite the lack of games in this franchise, there is a movie based on the aforementioned comic. What makes Chakan a must bring back franchise is the unique story. Chakan was such a great swordsman that he defeated Death in a duel, only to be cursed with immortality. Chakan now wonders the Earth destroying evil, not because he is a good guy, but because he is told that once all evil is extinguished he will be allowed to die. With a virtually limitless enemy, Chakan could produce some fantastic games if handled correctly. Imagine a darker, edgier, and just plain cooler Dante.

Eternal Champions


Eternal Champions is a fighting game with a hook almost as unique as Brutal, as it stars warriors from various points in time who were killed before their designated time of death and thus have sent the timeline out of whack. Boasting a roster that features a merman with a trident hand, a kickboxing cyborg, and a Jeet Kun Do vampire, I have no idea how this franchise was allowed to die. Unlike games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Eternal Champions went to great lengths to ensure the story was as strong as the character’s abilities. Spinning off a sequel and 2 side story games, Eternal Champions is due for a comeback to reign over the copy and paste world of fighting games.

Wizards and Warriors

wizards and warriors

One of the hardest games on the NES, Wizards and Warriors spawned 2 sequels of equal frustration. A unique D & D inspired platformer, this game was like a very primitive Skyrim. Full of secrets, unique items, and a endless horde of enemies, this game is begging to be given another sequel. Focusing more on action than long drawn out story elements, this game could be the action RPG we have been waiting for.



Probably the best known game on this list, this franchise also boast the most games of any franchise on this list. Suikoden features 5 games in the “main” series, as well as 6 side games. Another thing that sets Suikoden apart from other games is the huge community of gamers who have launched a online campaign to get a sequel to the main series. Started by members of the Suikosource gaming community, the Suikoden Revival movement has been featured in other online publications, yet Konami seems uninterested in accepting our money. While other RPG series venture forth from their original game concepts, Suikoden has always remained a turn based RPG with a huge cast to choose from. Konami if you’re listening, we need a Suikoden VI…I know the fans would be willing to pay in advance if you just promise to make the game!



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