Watch Tenchi Muyo in Love! for Free This Mother’s Day Weekend

To celebrate Mother’s Day, anime distributor FUNimation is allowing people to watch the classic anime film Tenchi Muyo in Love! online for free and free of commercials this weekend via its Elite Video Subscription.

Tenchi Muyo in Love is a classic anime film based off the original (read: good) anime series Tenchi Muyo. Fading from existence, the titular Tenchi travels back in time with his harem of cute alien girls to thwart the efforts of an evil villain who plans to murder Tenchi’s mother. Tenchi’s appreciation of his mother and drive to protect her makes it rather appropriate for Mother’s Day. All in all, the film is like Back to the Future with the Enchantment Under the Sea dance being replaced with an all out brawl involving a lightsaber, a big shadowy monster, and a very big cannon.

The full film is available dubbed or subbed. Signing up to FUNimation is required before viewing. Tenchi Muyo in Love will be free until Monday.

Source: FUNimation blog