Runescape is Cool Again?

A long long time ago in a land far far away there was a young elementary school aged boy, and he played Runescape. I’m not proud to admit it to the gaming world, but we’ve all got our embarrassing pasts (I was that little boy). Honestly I had a great time playing with my friends in the world of Gielinor. It was my first ever MMO and I loved it. I fondly remember wasting plenty of nights, putting off my times tables and cursive worksheets to play on my mom’s old desktop. I wasn’t any good, and I remember the only thing I did more than die was get cheated out of money, but I had so much fun playing Runescape.

But after a year or so of playing my video game horizons began to broaden. I realized that there were countless other MMORPGs to be played, let alone games in every other genre, and Runescape wasn’t the one I wanted to waste my time on. Soon Runescape became a joke compared to the games we were playing, and my friends and I wondered why we ever played the game. It really didn’t take long for Runescape to leave my mind for good, and by the time I started really getting into video games I totally forgot about Runescape (who even knew there was a Runescape 2?)

I haven’t given Runescape a thought for years. But recently the video game journalism world is rapid firing posts about “Runescape 3.” I didn’t know people still played or cared about the game. At first I asked myself is this a joke? But after reading the articles and announcements that Jagex has released I realized that Runescape 3 was real. And it looks totally awesome!

Look at these screenshots from the Runescape 3 Beta… There are some obvious big changes being made.  This isn’t the Runescape I remember playing!






Sure, it’s not cutting edge, you might not even be able to call them good. But this is what I remember the game looking like, and I think there’s a damn big difference between the two.


But Runescape 3 is going to have more than just new graphics. Developers have promised players new quests and skills, as well as new user interface options. It seems like Runescape 3 is going to be more than just an in-broswer joke of a game. It’ll be a project that brings a new generation into the MMO world, and brings old players back to see what all these changes really mean.

There are some technical changes going on, too. Runescape is moving from Java to HTML5, a change that will allow them to port Runescape to handheld devices. I don’t have a smart phone or a tablet. I haven’t had a reason to invest the money into one. But if more games like Runescape and Minecraft continue being offered on the go, I might actually have to upgrade.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually excited about seeing how Runescape 3 turns out. This forgotten game is coming back, and if I can play it for free, especially on a handheld device, then I might have to check it out and see what the deal with Runescape is. Maybe I’ll see you in game when Runescape 3 is released later this summer?


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