Pro Gaming Team Evil Geniuses Releases Greg “Idra” Fields For Cursing at Fans

Professional StarCraft II player Greg “Idra” Fields has garnered a not-so stellar reputation.  Typically regarded as the “bad boy” in the StarCraft community, Idra cultivated this persona by often showcasing bad manners, or bm, as the StarCraft community calls it.  He’s known for consistently trash talking during games, rage quitting without saying “gg”, and voicing his opinions bluntly and without a filter.  Whether this showcase of poor etiquette was his actual personality or merely just a calculated facade to create a polarizing figure is something we’ll never know.  But recent inflammatory comments made by Idra on Team Liquid’s forums was enough for Evil Geniuses to release him.

Evil Geniuses’ full statement regarding Idra’s release can be read here.  “As most of you are already aware, we let our players be themselves,” EG says.  “We believe that our industry’s diverse assortment of vibrant personalities plays a huge part in helping make eSports so much fun – for ourselves, and for the viewers.”

“But, to us, there’s a very big difference between a player being disrespectful to an opponent in a ladder match, and a player being disrespectful to the entire community of people who, via their own enthusiasm and passion for the entertainment product he creates, actually make his profession possible.”

The controversy originally arose during a WCS NA match between Idra and Polt.  During the match, when both players were nearly maxed out in supply and ostensibly equal in footing, Idra randomly and unexpectedly left the game.  The match in its entirety can be seen here, and Idra leaves the game around the 26:07 mark of the video.  This drew considerable ire from the fans, as Idra was one of the players who was invited to Blizzard’s WCS and did not have to compete in qualifying matches.  A lot of the community said that players who actually want to win and compete should be in these tournaments.

After a forum thread started stating that Idra’s negative attitude might be hurting the StarCraft e-sports scene, Idra retorted back with, “nope you’re all a bunch of fucks.  it just so happens i get paid to treat you like it.  it’s fucking awesome.”

Yowza.  Well, I for one thought Idra’s antics were always interesting/funny/different from the rest of the community, but these comments might be pushing it a bit too far.  EG is one of the most popular pro gaming teams around, and they have a certain image and reputation to uphold, so I’m not really surprised they took these measures.