Hill Climb Racing Update Review: Cars, Courses, Free, Frustrating

I reviewed an earlier version of Hill Climb Racing a couple months back, and since that review, there have been a few additions made, so I figured it was time for another look.  This game scored high in my book back in February (getting a strong 8.7 out of a possible 10 points), but since then, the app developers have continued to add newer and more diverse vehicles, as well as new courses.  Most of the vehicles and courses are hybrid versions of previously available ones.  Some are great, others are frustrating, but overall, it’s still not a bad value for the fact that it’s free.  Hill Climb Racing still sits on my top list of excellent time wasters on Android devices.


Hill Climb Racing Update 1.6

Hill Climb racing

– New Vehicle: Snowmobile

– New Courses: Arctic Cave and Forest

– Bug fixes for the Tank

The tank is now much easier to control and no longer has issues with the track upon incoming phone calls.  The new snowmobile vehicle is excellent for the slick tracks like Desert, Arctic, and Arctic Cave.  Arctic Cave combines the features of Arctic and Cave (obviously) to add a new dynamic to the courses.

Forest in an interesting addition.  I wasn’t as entertained as I had hoped to be at first hearing of it.  I thought it would involve dodging trees somehow, or it would simply be hills with log obstacles.  Instead, it is like a countryside course with trees that must be plowed over to get past.  The trees are annoyances rather than interesting obstacles, and the trunks get caught in the tank’s tracks.  There are likely more logical vehicles to use on the forest, but I suppose  it’s all part of the strategy.

Update 1.7

hill climb racing


– New Course: Mountain

– Max Engine Level increase for the Tank and Snowmobile

The max engine level increase adds a bit more power, but seems like a money sink.  The mountain course feels very new and is a blast to attempt, though it is rather complicated.

Update 1.8

hill climb racing


– New Vehicles: Super Diesel 4×4 and 6-wheeler Truck

– Can now watch advertisement videos for free coins

The Super Diesel 4×4 feels like a happy medium between the speed of the Jeep and the suspension of the Monster Truck.  It’s also a bit longer than the Jeep to give it more grip over gaps.  It tends to be what I use on Mountain so far.  I’ve not used the free coins for watching ads yet, but I’m sure it’s not much different from what many Facebook games have adopted.

Overall Summary

The game still plays as well as every, but some misfires on the entertainment factor drops the execution score a tad.  Considering it’s a free game, with relatively benign ads, it’s still a great title to pick up, but they could have done better with their more recent updates.

This game was reviewed after 12 hours of additional gameplay on Android 4.1.2.  It is also available on iOS.

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  1. kenwahl

    Hi. I would like more information about how to buy unlimited fuel for the race car and rally car? Which site is the best one to look for.
    Very good game. I have 218103645 points already and climbing.
    Thanks and have a good weekend

    • Casey F.

      Unlimited fuel is, as far as I know, not possible in the current version. Also note, this review is of an older version than is currently available. If the fuel capacity is upgraded fully, there is no way to obtain a larger tank.

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