Final Fantasy X-2 HD May Not Include International Content

According to Famitsu, the upcoming HD version of Final Fantasy X-2 may or may not include content that was introduced in the International version of the game. The International version of Final fantasy X-2 added a variety of new tasks for the players to complete alongside Yuna, Paine, and Rikku. Originally, when this HD version was announced, Square Enix had stated that the international version’s content would be included, but now it seems as though this may not be the case.

International versions are nothing new to Square Enix. Final Fantasy XII also has an International version which actually changes the game’s license board mechanic completely. Instead of a single license board that each character gets individual access to, there are separate license boards depending on the class you would like to be. For those who do not know, the license board in Final Fantasy XII functions similarly to the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X as a way to grow your characters. Square’s Kingdom Hearts series is also no stranger to International releases, as almost every game in that franchise has a “Final Mix” version, which includes more content, often including a few superbosses.

However, despite the International name, most of these versions have never been released outside of Japan. While English patches exist for some of the games, others are unplayable unless you have a solid understanding of Japanese. While it would be extremely nice to start seeing the International versions actually become international, Square’s track record with delivering these extended experiences is sketchy, and they may very well decide not to include the extra content in the Vita and PS3 remakes, only to re-release it as another International version.

Personally, I was hoping for at least some new content, and not just a graphical update. Like many others, I played and adored Final Fantasy X a number of times (although I haven’t played X-2). I was hoping when the HD release was announced that it would include a few new Aeons to collect, as well as a few new bosses. Either way, the game is a JRPG masterpiece, and I cannot wait to get my  hands on it whenever it comes out.


[Source: Famitsu via Polygon]

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