Fan Film Recreates BioShock’s Rapture

Fan film The Brothers Rapture tells the tale of two brothers in the underwater steampunk city of Rapture before it plunged into the objectivist hell known as playing through BioShock. Charles and Arthur conduct their experiments while enjoying all the freedom that Rapture offers them. Then a dapper figure offers them a way to go even further thanks to plasmids.

This fan film looks like a rather good effort that features the familiar atmospheric setting of BioShock’s Rapture, excellent props and effects, and an original story that goes beyond just retelling the game in movie form. It may shed some light on the events before BioShock, which would be welcome since the game did have a “late for the party” scenario where it appeared that a lot of creepy stuff happened amid the philosophical debates that would be interesting to see.

The complete film of The Brothers Rapture goes live May 13th. In the meantime, would you kindly watch this trailer?