Krieg the Psycho

Borderlands 2 Holds a Special Gear Up Weekend for Krieg The Psycho

Borderlands 2 is having a special Gear Up weekend in anticipation of the release of its newest character: Krieg the Psycho. Set to arrive on  May 14th, Krieg the Psycho will be joining the other five Vault Hunters as the latest playable character. To prepare for this, there are special in-game events which will be running from May 10th (today) through to the end of May 13th (Monday).

The Bandits are getting pretty excited with the arrival of the newest character, and players of Borderlands 2 can expect to see an increase in Bandit gear drops when connected to the Internet. Reports have also suggested that there will be an increase in the number of Badass Psychos in Lychwood, Thousand Cuts and Eridium Blight, so it’s the perfect chance to complete some much-needed leveling. Krieg will then be available to download from May 14th.

Krieg joins the fray as a fire-obsessed and melee-focused Vault Hunter. His action skill is to enter a rampage mode where he assaults enemies with his trademark buzz axe (that can also be thrown!). He’s also meant to be one of the hardest characters to play as in the game, with his health constantly wavering between life and death. You can find out more information on Borderlands 2’s newest character in the PAX Easy announcement.

2K and Gearbox will also be holding a live stream of Krieg in action on Monday 13th May on at 3PM CT (9PM BST) so make sure to check that out. Despite his pretty awesome abilities, Maya and Gaige will still always be my favourite characters in Borderlands 2, but it can’t hurt dabbling into a little bit of mayhem every now and then!

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