37 New Neverwinter Classes That Could Be Added To The Game

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When you think of potential new Neverwinter classes, you need to think of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. After all, you’ll only find the game’s classes there. The Trickster Rogue, Control Wizard, Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter, and Devoted Cleric are all considered disciplines of basic classes which can be played in D&D 4E.

Therefore, it is quite easy to spoil any new Neverwinter classes that could be added to the game. There are 37 possible additions that the MMO could see from now until shutdown and here is a list of them all:



The Avenger is basically an agent of the gods. They deliver the wrath of the deities to those who deserve it. Think of them as the Spectre (DC Comics) of D&D. They also have three disciplines that could be added to Neverwinter.

Commanding Avenger – Works best in parties as they use their allies to keep the attention off them as they deliver divine wrath to an unsuspecting foe. Think of them as faith-wielding rogues.

Isolating Avenger – Isolators take enemies away from allies as they pummel them quickly into either submission or death. They take away from a group of foes so that one target cannot hurt the rest of the party.

Pursuing Avenger – A tank-like Avenger who uses amazing reflexes to stay away from attacks and continually hit their foes. They never let up and they never let their foe get away from them.



There is only one discipline for this class: Barbarian. These brutes use impact as they shatter their foes using heavy weapons and bolster their combat advantage using totems and the spirits.



Bards are very versatile. They are great in combat, know magic, and can even inspire allies through art and music. Their love of illusion keeps enemies on their toes and their allies feeling empowered.

Cunning Bard – These bards enjoy staying in the back lines as they employ longer ranged abilities and help their allies command the battlefield through song and tactics.

Valorous Bard – Bards who enjoy being in the action and mixing melee, spells, and an occasional chant to power up the group are normally deemed Valorous.





While we already have one cleric class, there are two others that may be added to Neverwinter.

Battle Cleric – These warriors of the cloth dispatch judgment on their foes. These clerics are not afraid to get in close and personal.

Shielding Cleric – Think Devoted Cleric but with more shielding and damage absorption than direct heals.



Masters of nature, Druids channel the life force of the world to power their abilities and even shape-shift into animals that can then fulfill more roles in a party.



We already have two fighter classes in Neverwinter but for the sake of competing this list, there are still two more left to be explored.

Battlerager Fighter – These guys are like The Hulk. The more they get hurt in battle, the more powerful they get.

Tempest Fighter – These fighters are similar to Great Weapon Fighters but they rely more on high damage, high risk abilities. Tempest Fighters can also dual wield weapons and use them combined with their massive strength to defend their selves and friends.



Also known as Favored Souls, an Invoker is a living weapon of a god. They either hold a relic of a deity or channel their strength and power through their bodies. While the discipline of an Invoker is based on what diety they form a pact with, there are three major ones that most Invokers take.

Preserving Invoker – Preservers are much like Shielding Clerics where they keep their allies from being damaged but also use their pact to call down their god’s power onto their foes.

Malediction Invoker – Think Blood Mages from Dragon Age. These Invokers are gifted extremely powerful abilities but every time they are used the caster is hurt by their deity.

Wrathful Invoker – Think Pursuing Avenger but with more of a focus on dealing damage. Wrathful Invokers are durable enough to tank, as well.





These martial warriors are practiced in psionic abilities that help them tear through opponents. They are also hardened and durable. They can withstand large amounts of damage without the need of heavy armors.



Holy warriors using their faith as protection and blessing, Paladins may seem like Avengers but they are typically more armored, lawful, and strict when it comes to the wants and need of their deity.

Ardent Paladin – These Paladins use their god’s wrath against their enemies and are walking faith weapons.

Avenging Paladin – Have you ever wanted to see a Paladin take their divine gifts and use them to dish out deadly force? That’s an Avenging Paladin.

Protecting Paladin – These are durable Paladins who protect the weak in battle and can dish out small heals to their allies.

Virtuous Paladin – Another Paladin tank, However, they focus on self-healing in order to keep protecting their allies. They also focus on using their holy symbols.



This class is heavily rumored to be the first addition to the line-up in the game. There are three different types of Rangers that could be added.

Archer Ranger – Self-explanatory. These are accurate bow-wielders who can apply a sneaking ability to get the perfect aim and shot from any vantage point.

Beastmaster Ranger – Think of a World of Warcraft Hunter using the Beast Mastery spec. These Rangers befriend a creature and together they destroy their opponents.

Two-Blade Ranger – These Rangers are basically Trickster Rogues that have the ability to use a bow if they cannot reach their foes.



We have one of the Rogue disciplines in the game already, however, there are three others that could be added.

Aerialist Rogue – These Rogues are more direct than their Trickster brethren. Instead of relying on stealth or shadows, they employ their deadly abilities in the thick of battle using their quickness to stay alive.

Brawny Rogue – These Rogues are all about stealth and the use of shadows. If you’ve played a Trickster Rogue and have used the ability called Bloodbath, just think of that but a lot more of it.

Cutthroat Rogue – A Cutthroat enjoys using stealth to sneak around their foes and employ fear-inducing abilities. They then take advantage of the foe while they cower.





These spirit-empowered warriors can be bolstered by granted gifts and either bash their enemies to death or keep their allies alive.



While Wizards are great magic users, nothing can employ the elements much like a Sorcerer. There are four disciplines of Sorcerers and each them are deadly.

Chaos Sorcerer – These mages have studied the most powerful spells but in their quest for power have lost the ability to control it. Chaos Sorcerers have a chance to see their spells change in mid-cast, spin out of control and hurt allies, or even get hurt by their own power.

Dragon Sorcerer – Taking on aspects of dragons, these Sorcerers have hardened skin which makes them very tough to kill as they dish out destruction. They also deal more damage as they take damage.

Storm Sorcerer – A living “glass cannon”. Storm Sorcerers use lightning and thunder magics to blast away at foes but cannot stand long against an assault. Think Arcane Mage from World of Warcraft but with lightning.

Cosmic Sorcerer – These mages are gifted power and spells using astrology and the phases of the sun. Depending on how the sun, stars, and other celestial bodies favor them, Cosmic Sorcerers can be very powerful.



These arcanists enchant their weapons with spells to enhance their capabilities. They are often battle hardened and can take a punishment while delivering a never-ending assault.

Assault Swordmage – These Swordmages employ a very high defense and can defend their allies but also deliver the pain. The higher their defense, the more powerful they can be.

Shielding Swordmage – Shielders ensure that they rarely get hurt as they use their magic prowess to shield themselves instead of giving their weapon a powerful enchantment.



These defenders are like tanking Druids. They are in tune with nature but use their power to protect their allies. They can shape-shift much like the Druid but can also take the form of plants. They are very resilient to most magics.





The opposite of Invokers, these spellcasters gain immense power through pacts with demonic entities.

Deceptive Warlocks – Always heard but never seen, Deceptive Warlocks are never in the midst of the battle but employ long range abilities to destroy their opponents and stay out of harm.

Scourge Warlocks – Tougher than Deceptives, these Warlocks ensure they can take some punishment while they pummel their foes with fel magics. Scourges also enjoy pacts with stronger entities so they can dish out stronger magics, although that means they have to give more to attain this kind of power.



Usually Warlords can be seen leading an army to success using their inspiring shouts to bolster their allies and win the battle. Warlords are great in combat but their real strength lies in their ability to ensure victory through morale.



We can already play one of the two disciplines that Wizards can achieve, the Control Wizard. Wizards are great situational casters and we’ve yet to see their full potential in the game due to how many magics they can manipulate.

War Wizard – While Control Wizards employ magics to control the battlefield, slow down enemies, and grant their allies more time to get extra attacks in before damage comes their way, a War Wizard takes pride in spreading damage around the arena. They employ strong magics to damage every enemy they see.


So there you have it: 37 new Neverwinter classes that could be added to the game at some point in time. While some of them are way too similar, each one has a chance of making an appearance. I doubt we’ll see the Two-Blade Ranger since we have the Trickster Rogue and most likely one other Rogue discipline that will be added later on. That means we’ll likely see the Archer and Beastmaster disciplines. There are some other similar choices that may not make the cut but overall, these are 37 classes that can be added to Neverwinter.

Please note that while I am a D&D player, I have never played 4th edition so my descriptions may be entirely based on fluff that I was reading while thinking up this article. Either way, I very much want to play a Scourge Warlock, Avenging Paladin, and Dragon Sorcerer based on what I have read.

Do you see any that you would like to play?



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