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Watch Seven Minutes of Saints Row IV Gameplay with Developer Commentary

Today, the fine folks at Volition Software and Deep Silver released a near-seven minute video showing off gameplay footage from the upcoming open world game Saints Row IV.

The demo shows off some of the insane weapon variety (dubstep gun, anyone?) and combat moves the game has to offer, as well as vehicles, weapon upgrades, and new enemy types in the crazy style the series has become known for. Check out the footage below:

Saints Row IV is the newest addition to the Saints Row franchise and sees the player taking on otherworldly aliens as the newly-crowned President of the United States.

The game’s predecessor, Saints Row III, is universally touted as being one of the most crazy and unique games of the generation. Offering the player a variety of options and placing them in a real-world setting, the game allows players to engage with the world in whatever way they see fit, emphasizing the game’s strong element of choice. Saints Row IV looks to return to this formula in a bigger and better way than III.

The eventual future of the franchise was somewhat up in the air a few months ago, as THQ, the franchise’s original publisher, closed it doors and filed bankruptcy. After rampant speculation and an auction that saw many of THQ’s assets pawned off to different companies within the industry, it was Dead Island publisher Deep Silver that picked up Volition Software’s project and made the eventual Saints Row IV a feasible reality.

The game will release on August 20th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Interestingly  enough, this is a few months before the release of Grand Theft Auto V, an open-world crime game in the same vein as Saints Row IV. How the games will stack up in comparison to one another is yet to be seen, but it could be fascinating to see which open world game will ultimately speak to a higher number of players.

For a look at the PAX East hands-off demo, click here.

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(Thanks GameInformer and Machinima)