Twelve New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Hit The Web

With about four months left until Grand Theft Auto V’s release, Rockstar has unveiled 12 new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, giving us a look at some binoculars, an airplane, an airborne car, and some motorcycles.

Franklin Cruises Around A Neighborhood in San Andreas


Trevor Quickly Escapes From The Police On What Seems To Be A Sanchez

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin Speaking In A Junkyard

San Andreas’s Coast

Franklin Spying For Something

The Police Chasing Three Bikers Under The Highway

Trevor and Michael Shooting At Someone

Michael and Trevor Underwater

SAPD Chopper Shines Its Light On What Looks Like A Comet

An NRG 900

A Cheetah

Trevor On A Sanchez

As you can see above, the playable characters in GTA V will get into trouble… a lot. Grand Theft Auto V will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September the 17th.

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