Livestream: A.N.N.E. Q&A with Creator Mo Broots

It’s that time again and we’ve got a terribly excellent game to be showcasing for another ambitious Kickstarter campaign. The title is called A.N.N.E., a sidescrolling Metroidvania love-letter by Mo Broots. Currently resting just below his goal on Kickstarter, A.N.N.E. is something that should be experienced by all gamers and, fortunately, you can this Friday at 7pm EST!

Join some of the cast of Leviathyn as we show off the very early demo of A.N.N.E. on our special Twitch TV channel! Creator Mo Broots will be on hand Friday, May 10th at 7pm EST to field questions about development, ambitions and, of course, about A.N.N.E.! In case you haven’t checked it out yet, give his Kickstarter page a glance and check out the mind-blowing innovation that is the ship you can enter and exit in real time. Pixels never cease to amaze.

Watch live video from leviathyntv on www.twitch.tv