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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Preorder Bonus is Limited Edition Art Book

This one is for all of you Kingdom Hearts fans out there just like myself. If you pre-order Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD then you can get your hands on a complimentary limited edition art book! This art book will show you all of the glorious art has gone into the series since its debut on the PS2. This includes any and all renders, sketches, and other pieces of awesome art that just never got the chance to make an appearance in the game!

kh1.5 2    For any readers who aren’t familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series, the games originally started out on the PS2. The game was successful in combining all of the best elements of a Square Enix action RPG with the curiosity and whimsical nature of the Disney universe which immediately made it a hit. Following its success Square and Disney released the direct sequel, Kingdom Hearts 2, some four years later. Chain of Memories was released in between the two console games. The portable game served as a snack for all of the hungry fans as well as some key information tying the two main titles together. After the second game in 2006 the only new Kingdom Hearts games that have been released have been strictly released on portable systems, leaving the fans crazed for more console action. For many fans, including myself, the release of a recap game is hopefully the first move towards the conclusion for this epic series.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is a few of these games in a package. You get Kingdom Hearts Remix, which is the previously Japan only edition loaded with kh 1.5 3extras, Kingdom Hearts Rechain of Memories, the Gameboy game redone for the PS2 with updated graphics and controls, as well as access to all of the story cut scenes from the DS game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. All of these classics, one of which never released to the U.S, redone in HD for only $39.99? Plus a limited edition art book for preordering it? If any of you readers are anything like me then you must already be on your way to pre-order.