Batgirl is Injustice’s Second DLC Character

Lobo, who was the first of four DLC characters coming out for Injustice: Gods Among Us, was released this week.  NetherRealm Studios announced that Batgirl is going to be the second DLC fighter, and gameplay footage of her and the Joker brawling it out can be seen on Injustice’s official YouTube page.

As with Lobo, Batgirl will cost $5 to buy individually.  But if you bought the $15 season pass for Injustice, all four of the DLC characters will be available as a free download.  There has been no news yet of exactly when Batgirl will come out.

Although thematically similar to Batman and Nightwing, Batgirl looks like she’s going to differentiate herself with a plethora of moves involving her grappling hook ability.  Her teleport also seems to be an effective way to get around the fight quickly.  Batgirl’s finisher is also grapple based, dragging her opponent to the skies and letting gravity do the hard work.

Another cool feature about the gameplay video of Batgirl was the little snippet about Batgirl’s history and her unfortunate encounter with the Joker in 1988’s Batman: The Killing Joke.  Showing some of the comics is a smart way to provide context for those unacquainted with the ins and outs of the DC Universe.  And the Joker’s ridiculous vacation clothes shown in the comics looks like it’s also going to be available as DLC.  As with Lobo, various costume packs were released alongside the character, so expect to see more skins as new fighters join the roster.

Curious about what other superheroes and villains could possibly join Injustice’s already growing cast of fighters?  Check out our list of 10 characters that you may not be familiar with that deserve to be in Injustice.  For a more detailed overview of the game, mosey on over to the review.

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