World of Warcraft Subscription Numbers Down to 8.3 Million

The last time we heard anything about World of Warcraft subscription numbers was back in February. At that time the most popular MMO in the world was sitting at 9.6 million. Since then, the game has dropped 1.3 million subscribers.

While 1.3 million would spell doom for any other MMO out there, World of Warcraft subscription numbers are still insanely strong. That doesn’t mean that Blizzard and/or Activision is sitting pretty and ignoring this, though. 1.3 million is a lot of lost money for a company who was sitting at over 9 million for quite some time.

What we don’t know is exactly where these subscription numbers are dropping from. While the report states that most of the dropped subscriptions came from the east, it doesn’t go into specifics. Are they having issues in China? Or is it a healthy collection of regions from around the world that saw a decline?

Luckily, Blizzard is expected to unveil the next World of Warcraft expansion this year at Blizzcon, which takes place in November. New expansions have historically brought players back in droves to Azeroth and while the past two expansions have soured the experience for some, Pandaria has delivered some of the most exciting content the game has ever had.

Couple this with the possibility of revealing the Diablo 3 expansion and getting a first look at StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void and Blizzard is shaping up to have a very exciting November which should spark a rise in subscription numbers and a better investor call later this year.

Link to the report: here.