Why Prototype Should Have Been Good

Prototype is a game series that is built around such a crazy concept that it should have been impossible to mess up. Superhuman antihero goes on a rampage through New York fighting mutants, soldiers, and miscellaneous pedestrians in search of the reasons behind his sudden powers. Boom. So what went wrong? Something about the game just didn’t work! It wasn’t the story- that was pulled off just fine. Sure, there’s only so many times you can do the same chain of overpowered moves before it gets boring, but even then that’s not a deal breaker. What killed Prototype (and Prototype 2) for me was that it didn’t respect its own boundaries. There were rules about stealth and ability that it broke almost without a second thought.

"Act casual."

“Act casual.”

There were times during gameplay that the oversensitive controls would send me, while disguised as a tiny Asian lady, vaulting over a wall. That’s fine, but then you need to acknowledge that! Make me own up to my mistakes! If I’m going to play as the crazy murder machine who is also able to turn into anyone at any time, you can’t let me jump 20 feet in the air in front of a platoon of soldiers then act as though that’s totally normal because I didn’t kill anybody on the way down!

“But the soldiers don’t have their detectors” you say, “They aren’t on the lookout for that little old lady!”

Bull. To create a world that interacts with the play but then only have it react to certain abuses of power and not others is just lazy game-making. The concept here was amazing- the combination of stealth/assassination and balls to the wall action is tried and tested, but never in quite this way. The idea that I could just grab a random dude and turn into him is spectacular, and with further development could have gone to a whole new level of interaction. It should go beyond just absorbing a soldier to get into places where only soldiers are allowed or to learn how to drive a tank/helicopter. Make me learn to use new guns by absorbing those specialists! Maybe have a skill tree that advances as I absorb more and more advanced soldiers. Maybe I absorb a dude who runs marathons and my stamina goes up! BE CREATIVE.

One of those people has irritable bowl syndrome.

One of those people has irritable bowl syndrome. Absorb at your own risk.

That said, Prototype 2 was much better than the original, and I sincerely hope that someone else picks up the title and helps it reach its full potential.