Rare Candy Auction – Catch Yourself A Unique Piece Of Pokemon Art For Charity

Want to get yourself a one of a kind piece of Pokemon art and help a great cause? Well at Doodlebender, an auction site, you can and 100% of the profit will go to charity.

Peter Le and Amy Kim are behind the Rare Candy Pokemon Art Auction for Charity. Originally, they just wanted to create a fun gallery about their favorite kids TV show when they were growing up. However, with the help of their friends and some Animation and Illustration students from San Jose State University, the idea has turned into a huge charity auction. All 151 of the original Pokemon are featured, so you can grab a totally unique piece of art of your favorite character.

These are a one off, as 151 different artists were assigned a random Pokemon and interpreted it in their own way, using their own art style. Some are drawings, others are digital prints and one of them is a paper bouquet of flowers, so there’s a wide array of talent here. Some are better than others obviously, but it’s great to see so much variety.


Bids start as little as $5 and the most popular piece, an acrylic painting of Mew, is currently going for $161. All the profits from the auction will go towards the Canines for Disabled Kids charity, a great, non-profit cause which trains up dogs to become companions for deaf or physically disabled children.

So if you’ve got a few dollars to spare and you’re a big Pokemon fan, why not bid on something at the Rare Candy auction? You’ve got until 8:00PM on May 15th to bid, and you can go and see the art in person at the gallery hosted by Umpqua Bank in San Jose.

For more details and to bid on a piece, visit DoodleBender.