League of Leviathyn

League of Leviathyn: Episode 4 – Kings of Slam

League of Leviathyn is a weekly video feature that showcases a full, uncut, uncensored game of League of Legends with staff from Leviathyn. It also presents a shortened and focused episode that breaks down the best and the most detrimental plays in that same game. League of Leviathyn will not provide the best guides to your favorite champions and it will not present the most bad-ass expert plays. Above all, it will not dictate that the players (us) are on a professional level; we’re standard players just like you! This feature is meant to provide a window into interacting with us and us to you! We want to hear your suggestions so we can make our videos into something more exciting to watch and, maybe, you could even get invited to a couple of games!

On this week’s episode of League of Leviathyn we showcase what happens when we have a team united around capitalizing on a common theme. Andrew shows why Pantheon can be an underrated bottom champion, Joey displays the efficiency of Jarvan IV’s ganks and the power of Darius is showcased when there’s enough crowd control to use his ultimate time and time again.

While Kings of Slam is the fourth Episode in the League of Leviathyn, this isn’t a professional guide to any of these champions. All of those things can be found in various places online. Instead, League of Leviathyn aims to show a more personable side to Leviathyn and give our readers a chance to become acquainted with the writers here at Leviathyn. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section below!

Do you enjoy watching our gameplay, but don’t always have the time to sit through a 30+ minute game? Keep your eyes peeled for the Post-game Analysis in the coming weeks, where Andrew and I break down everything which contributed to the victory, or defeat, in our games.