Game Abilities That Never Get Old

There are a lot of crazy abilities to be had in video games. That’s part of what makes them fun. But every so often a game comes along that goes above and beyond the call of duty (no, Call of Duty is not on this list.) and delivers an ability so fun and ridiculous that it can be spammed endlessly for hours on end and still be enjoyable. Here are some of my personal favorite examples of that.


Rope Darts (Assassin’s Creed III)


Assassin’s creed is an extremely fun game. That said, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. The one thing that always impresses me, however, is the combat mechanics. In the latest installment, my favorite new trick was the rope dart, which you can use to pull enemies toward you- Scorpion would be proud. It also offered a stylish new way of entering combat (or covertly dispatching of individual enemies): stab a dude from up in a tree- you jump down, dude goes up, BOOM new chandelier!


Black hole attack (Prototype 2)

P2 Black Hole

Okay so maybe I’m a little biased toward the two games I most recently wrote articles about, but I’ve been playing them so much in the last week that I sort of need to include them. I have my qualms with Prototype 2 as well, but boy oh boy is this power great. It looks like a basic “grab” attack, but when the tendril you shoot out hits your target, even more tendrils shoot out of it and grab everything in the immediate vicinity, yanking them all towards your original target. It’s effective against people, monsters, helicopters, bad days- the works!


Force Explosion (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

The only thing cooler than being a force-using badass is being a force using badass whose farts can destroy entire rooms full of enemies. I know it says that he’s “focusing his energy” or whatever but let’s be real- it’s more enjoyable to think that he’s got such bad gas that enemies and objects are sucked towards him, revolving around his pent up bean burrito lunch, then explode away into oblivion by the excretion of said gaseous buildup. Yes, I am in fact six years old.


FUS ROH DAH (Unrelenting Force) (Skyrim)


Oh come on now- you knew this was coming. This ragdoll-causing, giant-launching, meme-inducing power is what players used to instantly kill any boredom they may have found in Skyrim. This is what the big bad wolf used to knock down the first two little pig’s homes! This is what my mom used when I wouldn’t wake up for school in the morning! This ability gave gamers across the world a power they always wished they’d had- the ability to solve all of their problems by screaming at them. Thank you, Bethesda.


What powers could you spam endlessly and still giggle?

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