Facebook Games: An All New Addiction

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.  Almost everyone in the world has an account on Facebook, which is no surprise, given that Facebook joined the Fortune 500 list for the first time in 2012 with an income of USD 5.1 Billion.

But this article isn’t about the success of Facebook.  No, it’s about the success of their wide assortment of Game Apps.  I’m certain many of you have – at one point or another – played or thought about playing one of the many different games available on Facebook.  Who wouldn’t?  They’re free, they’re tons of fun, and most importantly, they’re addictive.  This is where the success of these products really begins to shine.  Free to play does not mean the developers of these games make no profit.  Quite the contrary.  To gain specific benefits, credits or rewards on many of these gaming apps, one must actually pay real world money.

And pay we do!  I am no stranger to spending hours, and a great deal of money, playing some of these games.  At the moment my guilty pleasure has been Marvel Avengers Alliance by Playdom, but then, what comic geek wouldn’t be up for playing an Agent of SHIELD recruiting superheroes to battle villains across New York City to avert tragedy?  Then there’s Criminal Case where one gets to rise from Rookie to Detective, solving murders and putting bad guys behind bars, and hundreds more.  And we pay, because we want to keep playing, and succeed.

So be cautious when on the search for a fun past time on Facebook, because you may find yourself spending more time – and money – than you expected, but experiencing a great deal of fun in the process.  These games will have you coming back for more, which is what games are all about, right?

So tell us which Facebook Game Apps you’re playing right now!