Electronic Arts Releasing 11 Titles In As Many Months

The publisher is planning on releasing 11 titles in 11 months and even has a big reveal for E3 2013.

These past few months for Electronic Arts have been some of its worst: financial short falls, its second capture of Worst Company in America award, a ton of layoffs, its CEO resigning, and the troubled launch of Sim City 5; the list goes on. Yet EA looks to be trying to keep on going despite all its troubles.

EA is has a “great reveal” for this year’s E3, which might mean a new games from Bioware and DICE. Despite the layoffs, they still plan on releasing 11 major titles in the next fiscal year. “In fiscal 14 we will release 11 major titles across consoles and on the PC,” said Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels. “This includes our core sports titles, Madden, FIFA, FIFA Manager, NBA Live, NHL and NCAA Football, as well as Need for Speed, Battlefield, Command & Conquer and from our partners at Insomniac, Fuse.”

The Sims 4 will be included in the 11 titles, which was announced on May 6th. In addition 10 other games for pc and consoles, we can also espect 15 titles for mobile platforms in the same 11 month time frame. Sadly, despite the multi-year contract with Disney, Electronic Arts has no plans on releasing any Star Wars games in the near future.




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