Bethesda Released New Pictures of Something…

Another day and vague hint by a gaming company. This time, its Bethesda Softworks’ turn, and what they released was odd and robotic and a bit creepy.

This is not the first time Bethesda has done something like this. A month ago they released videos of vines without telling anyone what they were. It’s becoming a classic technique: release unknown information to the web, let fans get hyped up about it, then inform the fans. The photos are all about gears and bullets, and one photo looks to be Hal 9000 back from the cosmos.

The hash tag #1960 has been attached to the tease with no explanation, so it could release to a time period, or the name of game, or really anything.

Here’s hoping its a prelude to a Prey 2 announcement.

As a side note, this is Bethesda the publisher, not the developer. So the possible developers of this game could be including id Software, Human Head, Splash Damage, Obsidian and several others.